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  1. file:///C:UsersDianaAppDataLocalTempmsohtmlclip11clip_image002.jpg file:///C:UsersDianaAppDataLocalTempmsohtmlclip11clip_image004.jpg file:///C:UsersDianaAppDataLocalTempmsohtmlclip11clip_image006.jpgHello ko12upted i made all that you said but i have a problem, i can’t play in multiplayer or zombies or anything it looks like this In game menu it looks very different and if i go to multiplayer the screen it turns black
  2. i am trying this since a week and is not working, please we need help.
  3. but i cant play in any lobby, you may have 20, 5 or 1 connected and yet no one is playing in the game lobby. I want to join in a game, and nobody is connected.
  4. Hi I just installed the fs3 on my xbox 360 and i intaled the link correctly, the problem is that I want to enter a room and looking for someone online and I see no one connect I also have another bug, I join a lobby and no game appears, even though the lobby has over 20 people. Please i need your help.
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