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  1. Bros from FSD, plz can you all put back or make a plugin to change the leds ring from xbox front painel? i 'm using the fsd 1 every time to swaap the led color, plz make that, a lot o people dont have moded the leds, this is something, i want mine in other color... ):
  2. Wow now thaat make sense, and i undertaad , thx man :3
  3. so i want to play COD Black OPS 2 and the LINK says that the TU4 is avaible, but it dont download, i tried deleting all and downloading again and nothing... well maybe that's a bug? or the site is offline or the "avaible" TU is not really avaible lol And, what is devlink? Ah, and i sure loved the temperature in the xbox HUD , Bravo! Thx for that all bros!
  4. HALLO EVERYNYON!! Good evening! konbawa! So people, i have a problem (srsly?), I have updated te FSD, and now it's working online with LINK , with no problem (so wats up dude?!) but... when i want to play, in home, via a enthernet cable conected to another xbox 360 here, the game room dont appear! Before that update, the game have running whitout problem, and i have played with my fellows here... But look, i tried to change the FSD to another, and do a "downgrade" back to XlinkKai and tried again, and, nothing! So wats up with that xbox ? Maybe is the TU i have downloaded from net to play on LINK that only one xobx have, the another dont have, but have been upgraded to the new FSD with LINK via download, not from the net, maybe that is the problem ? Well hope you help me , thx! Ps: Sorry for the bad ingrishu haha no i'm not japanese, i'm Brazilian :3
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