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  1. I did downloaded the game + the DLC, but FSD still cant recognize TU8. I had many problems with this game before, but i always managed to make it work later on. But now its just not works. Did deleted the TU8 with the title managger and tried to redownload but nothing. Status changes for like 0.01 sec, but than it goes back to "Idle". edit: did redownloaded TU8 from the net, and put it into cache, and than its appeared in fsd too, its set as active but doesnt works
  2. The problem is that i got the complete edition. But i need a normal one! So thats why! But thanks anyway.
  3. I recently tried to update my Dirt 3 game to tu1. I select game, press Y title update managger, i chose download tu, and where, and than nothing hapen. Here is the related log file(after 2 tries): 13:03:34.027|TUDownloadManager|F9000000|Getting Title Update List for [434D083D] 13:03:34.027|TUDownloadManager|F9000000|URL: http://marketplace.j...hp?tid=434D083D 13:03:34.027|HTTPDownload|F9000000|Queue Size: 1 13:03:45.189|HTTPDownloader|F9000024|HTTP Downloader Resumed 13:03:46.870|TUDownloadManager|F9000034|Reading List for TitleID [434D083D] 13:03:46.871|TUDownloadManager|F9000034|Downloading Title Updates for TitleID [434D083D] 13:03:49.936|TUDownloadManager|F9000000|Getting Title Update List for [434D083D] 13:03:49.936|TUDownloadManager|F9000000|URL: http://marketplace.j...hp?tid=434D083D 13:03:49.936|HTTPDownload|F9000000|Queue Size: 1 13:03:50.891|TUDownloadManager|F9000034|Reading List for TitleID [434D083D] 13:03:50.892|TUDownloadManager|F9000034|Downloading Title Updates for TitleID [434D083D] I downloaded the file what i found in the .xml file and manualy put into Cache folder, and than the Dirt 3 TU1 is shown in managger(and its green, so active). I started the game, but link is still detect my game as TU0. Log after manualy putting the title update to chache: 13:11:07.563|TitleUpdateManager|F900002C|Found TitleUpdate for TitleID [Dirt 3 Title Update #1] [434D083D] I had the same problem with RDR, but i find out that my problem is that somehow the GOTY edition of the DLC doesnt works! I had to download the non GOTY edition, just the dlc, and than everything worked!(found a google chachec topic about @ realmodscene.com) But idk hows working in this case(Dirt3).
  4. inv123

    link cod bo 2

    I had this problam also. But after some time its gone Also adding manualy TUs usualy didnt works for me. System link didnt recognize the TU, but indeed its working. Try delete all TUs and download them again.
  5. inv123

    About rating system

    Yes i know those way, but i dont have to have a password like gTL21se
  6. So recently i have managed to have 0(zero) points. Usualy i was played BO2. I always had realy nice stats(like 72/20.And high K/D). And i guess some stupid ppl think that i using some kind of cheat (lol wtf). So is there any way to request reset on my points? I didnt use any cheats/modification to my game. I managed having -100points by about 20 hours of playing. off: i couldnt change my password at link.jqe360.com since ever its online.
  7. I deleted TUs but i couldnt redownload them. I also mentioned it in my first post "Also somehow i couldnt download title updates. Its starts to download, but then after a second, the status goes back to idle."
  8. I dont get it, you said you can run undead nightmare with tu8. So there is no any problams. You enter the game, press Start button, than go to Multiplayer->and than select System Link, and than the game will restart in system link mode.
  9. I installed TU8 in the past manualy, i see it under the "manage title updates" option, and its active, and i sure that the game is using TU8 because if it wouldnt use i couldnt have a "system link" option in the menu selection. But FSD3(link) tells me that i'm using tu0, and i should update to tu8. But i clearly using tu8 because the original Red Dead Redemption didnt had system link. I was able to play through xbs-link. Other games like BO2 is working. Also somehow i couldnt download title updates. Its starts to download, but then after a second, the status goes back to idle.
  10. inv123

    DashLaunch 3.05

    Update your avatar package! I had the same issue, than i applied avatar update and everything is went perfectly!(no more crash in bo2)
  11. I got a weird bug. I set everything (test went ok!) and than i try launch a game and select system link option, i get some empty, or chinise lettered rooms, with a huge, or with zero players count. And if i didnt close (press the X button) i get a fatal crash, than if i dint close (press the X button) its returns to nxe. Or if i close it after first fatal crash message, its returns me to F3.
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