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  1. I have noticed an increase in accounts that have more then 18 characters in length and that use special Characters. I put a restriction on new account types to avoid this issue. If anyone Has an account that is longer then 18 chars in length and use special characters like ex. 39395-(zz --===#*%(@# ( please pm me the name you want and i will change it) If anyone notices a user posting with An account Please report that account And i will have his or her Account name changed. If you have an account that is already created that violates the above you can start a pm with me titled " Name change " and include the name you want it change to. Thanks
  2. There has been numerous topics of people having issues when downloading files on the site here. If you are using chrome this is how you fix it. when you see this error https://gyazo.com/1fb588de7c39d1961abc465daf01f64a You go here https://gyazo.com/5ee502c98bc25f6d4f05f3a9678125aa you uncheck this https://gyazo.com/ef1f506624969da5203ae8040cac7d61 If any other site issues occur please post them here http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/forum/23-feedback/
  3. thats fine but they need to be paid below minimum wage. probably for every 1 person they help in Spanish i would give them 15 cents
  4. " you can request a review of your site using Google's Webmaster Tools " Hmmm google doesn't like rms i guess. I will have someone request a review
  5. @Swizzy we need to hire spanish support
  6. I think he wanted to inquire about why he is having a problem with system link lol no idea im lost aswell he google translated it and it didnt make sense
  7. I Locked a few of them. Most of us are Really busy ( and have little to no time ) and closing / locking topics is not a top priorty like gavin stated above. If you would like The report feature works fine.If you have spare time and you would like to help the moderators out you can report the posts and when someone see's and active report we can lock or mark it shut. There are tons of priorties that are more important to the site such as - fixing the sql server - moving hosts. - doing a major clean up - Moving users and maybe switching from ip board to something else... What about this forum with users integrated to xboxunity hmmmm [emoji106]
  8. I think i understand this correctly your making an allegation that this user stole your work. Do you want him to credit you or what? also can you show me how this user stole your work or claimed it as his own because im not in the aurora skin game. Gracis
  9. is this still occurring for people? I was having issues yesterday but Site seems to be loading faster for me now
  10. Apparently plugins where not loading for some people.
  11. There was a critcal bug in dashlaunch. c0z just pushed a new verison Might want to add this to your updated jrunner http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/7532-dashlaunch-3181-fixed-17511-kernel-support-added/
  12. c0z found a critcal bug and Just pushed this update. V3.18.1 - critical bug fix dash_launch_v3.18.1.zip
  13. yet again another pointless update .... 17511 The latest builds of XeBuild by Team xeBuild, and DashLaunch by c0z have been released with support for the latest update by Microsoft. Check out the dl links bellow to get these great releases. Seek here for dashlaunch http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/7532-dashlaunch-3181-fixed-17511-kernel-support-added/ seek here for xebuild and an explanation on xebuild gui http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/7532-dashlaunch-3181-fixed-17511-kernel-support-added/
  14. 1.18 - add 17511 ********* * 3 * ********* This dash there will be no "official " Xebuild gui" "Officially" reason being there where little to no significant changes for 17511. The author swizzy decided not to update. There is speculation ( from my inside sources) that another update will be pushed in the 2017. Currently swizzy is working on a verison 3 of his xebuild gui and you might see a release in the near future If you Really would like to update use the offical xebuild Cmd Line. Come on guys its Almost 2017 you can do it Any issues with xebuild or any questions regarding the new 3.0 gui could be posted here. xeBuild_1.18.zip
  15. Rgloader site is still showing a blank page. Just yesterday ty was looking for web devs so i guess he is relaunching the site or maybe it was just something not rgloader site related. There are many "beta builds " going around publicly and privately. People always expect to get the latest xebuild or dashlaunch when an update comes out the same thing goes for rgloader. Ty is literally doing tons of things plus working in his 6 figure irl job so when he has a chance he will officially release it somewhere. I do know people on ninja ( i dont support them or advise you to ask them) are using there service with a beta build ty provided them with. Along for updating rgloader its not that hard to do. The main thing is that the latest sdk and remote recovery are not released yet and haven't been released for this dashboard because it didnt offer any significant changes. There are other ways of getting the necessary files to update or " spoof" for this dash but devs like to use every file / etc in its proper released form before releasing it publicly. You can try #rgloader on efnet if its still up.
  16. I want to say maybe you swapped a banned kv into your nand image ( because you wanted maximum protection when you dont connect to live and to possibly flag your key valut) so you imported that kv_dec into your nand image saved that image and you are currently flashed with that nand image. Maybe you didnt replace it with the correct dvd key and your entire nand has the wrong dvd key in it so it wont read discs?? You can use swizzys suggestion up above if mine doesnt sound right. But in plain simple terms Im saying your using the wrong dvd key! or maybe not
  17. Swizzy! what did i tell you about posting others ips public lol
  18. Try using this http://www.homebrew-connection.org/simple-360-nand-flasher-v1-2-by-swizzy-corona-4gb-nand-dump-and-write-support-added/ flash 360 is outdated!
  19. sup homies? 17502? The latest builds of XeBuild by Team xeBuild,Xebuild GUI by swizzy and DashLaunch by c0z have been released with support for the latest update by Microsoft. Check out the dl links bellow to get these great releases. http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/6843-xebuild-117-xebuild-gui-2098-17502-kernel-support-added/ http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/6842-dashlaunch-317-17502-kernel-support-added/
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