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  1. APProved both of them sent password resets to them message if it doesnt work it would help if i had a username or email
  2. NP! Not seeing that name please post your email
  3. I tried going to the reald mod scene and it directed me to a porn site. My brother who is in middle school now thinks that i was going to do something in which he thinks he knows everything about. Jk but yeah your right
  4. also pinned the topic to the top for obvious reasons. Any more issues reply and i will actually make sure this topic is followed!
  5. Fixed Fixed all 3 (well 2 ) you can reset the passwords on the following if you wish posted are the emails in linked order to the above referenced accounts 1) aliveli4950jos@hotmail.com 2)josgalix123@hotmail.com 3) that user doesn't exist Fixed @ me on here with your email i will fix br0wnienz Fixed fixed Got to hit me up with that UN i wish i had the crystal ball! Got you ! fixed ! First one was working fixed the 2nd one
  6. Update . For new accounts i just confirmed that the activation are being sent!
  7. @JQE seeing a screen that states the following when going to www.realmodscene.com Only way to access the site for me is to google realmodscene and click the link Welcome to nginx! If you see this page, the nginx web server is successfully installed and working. Further configuration is required. For online documentation and support please refer to nginx.org. Commercial support is available at nginx.com. Thank you for using nginx.
  8. Edited topic because you Mack girls and Make mod menus you cant be macking mod menus i mean you could but who would
  9. Moved To the proper section - Chrishockey55
  10. @Mattie You might want to follow this topic
  11. I Created this post Because often i see multiple Topics in this section with Many users having issues with Xbox Unity Logins Or account issues. If you have an issue with your password. Your username. Your email Or anything else Post Your issue here all other threads with be closed.
  12. Are you sure that is the proper Title update? Link me to it ( which one your talking about ) ill download it and re upload it for you
  13. Issue seems to be solved so i'm closing this thread
  14. English please I translated this for you. with google translate Who has freestyle dash with English to Russian translation?
  15. I believe they where having issues with the emails sending or something not sure if it was fixed @Mattie
  16. @FeArCxDxGx looking at this post Now that the entire staff team replied to you, you did come off rude and offensive. ( now if that was intentional or not that's on you ) The fact that @gavin_darkglider or any moderator left it open for discussion and didn't ban you should let you know that we care about the members and what they have to say. If you where on another Site Modding website you would of been removed instantly. If you ever have any valid complaints about the moderation team Send a private message to a Site admin. If you are going to continue to argue with people and be rude i think the proper action would be to let you sit in time out for 1 month. The choice is yours

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      Well, now I can't because whoever changed my name to change your user name has locked my user name as ChangeYourUserName for a year......

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      Should you get the time Just use this _-=Static Pulse=-_ without the ' _-=  =-_  ' if the forum software won't allow it.

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