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  1. let me know your email or username dont see an account can i get your email? fixed this account for you. i see you have others working! seeing the username as KrazyKateGamer actually! Try that! account verified! Should be fixed now!
  2. issue seems to be fixed check dm! The account Tygerbeast was created with a hotmail cleared the username no account with the tygerbeast@gmail.com I dont see any of these accounts created! I forgot to check whoops next time this page gets crazy dm me!
  3. Using outlook follow @Dr.Gonzo directions of using a gmail! Deleted! approved the 2nd one let me know!
  4. @JQE i would toss the paypal donation link up but no idea if that paypal is still active let me know
  5. NP! deleted the username you used a hotmail .de Kruemelkekz nope deleted use a gmail not a bk.ru seen you made one with a gmail ! deleted the one with hengone if you wanted to re register the name not helpful no email or pass approved! approved! read directions use a gmail not this skylyr@hotmail.co.nz deleted use a gmail!
  6. deleted the outlook one approved the 2 gmails CoryAndrews2 Toucingwo******** CoryAndrews3 CoryAndrewsV *********** just seen this here User name xboxunitybrasil -- Approved deleted the first one because fuck outlook robertgyn - Approved!
  7. closed! seek this next time ثابت مرحبا بك المسألة PecoLikeABoss gabriel-an********************* PecoLikeABossLink aparecid****************** _PecoLikeABoss_ Matheusgue*************************
  8. bruh how am i supposed to see this i made a post just for dis use a gmail email problemo is with the emailio si si gmail and why 254093 and not 2504
  9. I gave Ty dye some things that where needed to make the proper images and he said he would give me a build. I could just make him release it on here if he wants to or c0z might have a copy. Note if you know how to get in contact with c0z you probably already have a copy
  10. Deleted make an account using a gmail! i see 6 accounts made! which one you want ill delete the other ones! Also @Dr.Gonzo most errors are because people are not using gmails there is a problem with ms emails for some reason if i dont get on and you see people having issues tell them to try a gmail! if there is still an issue i will fix when i get on!
  11. Deleted! use a gmail! Approved your account... Fixed! try to reset your password
  12. There is like 304 people on link right now ( and the server is slow ) i will try to sort this out later or sometime tmrw!
  13. Deleted! Deleted! use gmail please deleted!
  14. deleted both use a gmail! email please? approved! try now
  15. Seen your issue rectified via dm! Yup thats the issue deleted your other account just incase you wanted to reuse paper tronics with the numbers at the end username please? deleted your account use a gmail!
  16. sent a password reset! sent a password reset! fixed! dope! try now i approved your account! Account is now approved !
  17. Deleted make your account again Sent you a new password sent you a new password your account has been confirmed since i did it
  18. Fixed! Fixed you also have another account that should of been working XRogueXx xxroguekillaxx@outlook.com try using a gmail your account shows that it was approved! ( should work ) No id exists give me your email! Email or username please
  19. I was going to say that... Those accounts are now deleted ! I see your gmail account one is working if that is you Approved your other account let me know if that worked ( if not i think its an issue with hotmails as stated above by radarlovindj ) DemoN4gb@toothfairy.com account deleted! Username for that was Leftöver Crack With a sketchy char ... deleted! Approved! I see 3 other Accounts Adika03 TYRRAZTERROR TyrraZTerroR27 What we doing with these delete? working?? Fixed!
  20. Seems as if the issues is resolved Use the report feature if you would like the topic opened Closed
  21. Deleted both of your accounts. Try Making new accounts. Let me know
  22. Fixed Let me know if you need more assistance
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