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  1. Well thank you all guys, I will take it back to the guys who repair it.
  2. mnop nothing... just have to unplug it for a few minutes
  3. When it happens no matter what I do... the only things that bring it back "alive" is to keep the power supply unplugged a few minutes......
  4. Sorry... It does power off... (even some times the joystick button light remains on) but then It doesn't turn on... Just the beep when you press the power button of the console... and the led from the external usb hdd goes on and off really fast....
  5. I didn't touch it... I took it to the guys who made the RGH three years ago to repair it....Well... will try to get an original power supply from microsoft and/or take the console to the guys who repair it.....
  6. what do you mean with faulty install?
  7. lol!!! where's that?? Maybe I didnt realize it starts to happen after upgrading dash and kernel...... lol!!
  8. Hi! Im facing this weird issue... (xbox 360 rgh corona 4gb) ... After powering off the console, I've to unplug all (the power supply,xbox etc) for a few minutes and the plug all again before power it on again.... probably is a deffective power supply? I've recently have to repair the xbox and change the original power supply because it was broken (also broke the xbox voltage regulators), and I just manage to get a replacement, not original ... I pressume its the power supply who is causing this weird behavior.... thanks!!!
  9. Great... thanks ...I supposed that was not my xbox ... but who knows... better ask before connecting another new disk Thanks again! :-)
  10. Yes that's ok... I re check all the wires... and the new , of course, usb cable seems to be bad, so I used another usb cable and seems to work just fine...That was yesterday... today this NEW disk dont work anymore, dont even in the PC... Is there a chance that my XBOX is breaking the usb discs? The other lasts for almost one year .... Really weird... The discs is (well... was... lol) a Toshiba canvio basics 1 TB
  11. Hi! I have problems with a new toshiba canvio basic 1tb drive... The other disc just get broken.... The first weird issue is that the xbox does not turn on until I : - Disconnect the usb drive - Then the xbox turns on - Turns off the xbox - Connect the usb hdd again - Turn on the xbox and voila! ... all the 280 games and aurora are there.... Now while playing also sometimes the drive seems to disconnect and reconnect , causing this restarting the xbox... But.... on my notebook the drive seems to work just fine........ Any ideas!?
  12. I mean the different options of how games are shown in Aurora... (Spiral, flip book, etc...) About the images, in Freestyle , depending on what you choose as the visualization style, it shows not only covers, also banners or backgrounds... I don't talking about dlc or updates, just the contents...
  13. I mean the external power supply unit... Something like this: http://mla-s1-p.mlstatic.com/reparacion-fuente-xbox360-slim-fat-110-220-luz-roja-xbox-360-5376-MLA4361643358_052013-O.jpg
  14. Talking about temperature, and noise, I've noticed (lol) that most of the noise is coming from the power source device, not from the xbox... Anyone knows with which fan, a more silent one, could be replaced the one that came with the power source device? Thanks
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