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  1. these numbers for example ?? port forwarding doesn't work with my routerwhen was system link work .... i can be hosting Games
  2. i think the problem from ( Secondary DNS ) so what numbers i should to put in ( Secondary DNS ) ??? sorry about my bad english
  3. i was played on system link without ports fine
  4. i didn't use ports i was played without ports sorry about my bad english
  5. hi guys i was played on system link fine in one day i did ( restart or i turned off then turned on ) to my router after that the system link is no longer working what is a solution ?? i will be thankful for helping sorry about my bad english
  6. i have problem with cod advansed warfare i joined the room here there is no host to enter game ( room i choice it ) the same problem with cod black ops 2 i use the last TU 4 i do all setting in dashlunsh upnp is enabled ports i open it i hope to help me sorry about my bad english
  7. firewall in your router is enable or disable ?
  8. please look here settings data port : 3072 broadcast port : 3071 but here information network data port : 3071 broadcast port : 3072 do you think the problem from it ?
  9. there is a lot of topics in this website about this problem ( no host to enter game ) so , What is the solution
  10. yes i restarted both i have 4g router wired connection with xbox
  11. UPNP is enabled in router so , what is next ?
  12. you say if UPNP enable ... don't need to port forwarding so , the problem is not from router sorry about my bad english
  13. all of plugins is none what i should to do ?
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