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  1. @darkforce97 Thank you very much, and wait till you see my version 2 of the skin Avengers @Daniel_Florez yes work on 0.5b
  2. Hello everyone, here's another little job. This time I'll bring some of Windows 8.1 with a few tweaks in your console. News: 1.Changed font: Classic Font Windows 2. Changed bootlogo 3. Changed Wallpaper and bars of view 4. Changed loading animation (I used the classic wheel windows vista) 5. Changed ICON Screenshot: I also created an animation layoute cover , what you see in pictures . Here the attached file. NB. Copy the Layout into your Aurora/Media/Layouts Collector by nightcervant.rar Windows 8.1 v.1.xzp
  3. i have disinstalled and re installed Framwork v 4.6 and now work fine edit: Not work on Windows 7 VM :/
  4. I wanted to use this tool to create a new configuration for my skin "Avengers" unfortunately still have an error that does not allow me to do anything. I am using Windows 8.1 and Net Framwork 4.6 ... Good Work all
  5. Hi all I am pleased to present my first theme for Aurora V5. To begin with I would like to thank the developers of Aurora for the splendid work, Then I would like to thank DRNEFARIOUS, which with its skin Colors gave me the idea for my skin. I want to introduce my work, Avengers Theme v1. Here are the changes: 1. Changed FONT: Comic sans 2. Changed Wallpaper 3. Changed boot image SCREENSHOT: Avengers v1 0.5b.xzp NB. Being my first theme hope you like, if you find bugs please write and I'll see to solve
  6. Good release, in the next release , you can implement the management of the fans ?
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