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  1. nightcervant

    [SKIN] Avengers Theme

    Thx for your post, I will try to fix
  2. nightcervant

    Aurora - Coverflow Editor & CFEditDll

    Thx work
  3. nightcervant

    [SKIN] Windows 8.1

    @darkforce97 Thank you very much, and wait till you see my version 2 of the skin Avengers @Daniel_Florez yes work on 0.5b
  4. Hello everyone, here's another little job. This time I'll bring some of Windows 8.1 with a few tweaks in your console. News: 1.Changed font: Classic Font Windows 2. Changed bootlogo 3. Changed Wallpaper and bars of view 4. Changed loading animation (I used the classic wheel windows vista) 5. Changed ICON Screenshot: I also created an animation layoute cover , what you see in pictures . Here the attached file. NB. Copy the Layout into your Aurora/Media/Layouts Collector by nightcervant.rar Windows 8.1 v.1.xzp
  5. nightcervant

    Aurora - Coverflow Editor & CFEditDll

    i have disinstalled and re installed Framwork v 4.6 and now work fine edit: Not work on Windows 7 VM :/
  6. nightcervant

    Aurora - Coverflow Editor & CFEditDll

    I wanted to use this tool to create a new configuration for my skin "Avengers" unfortunately still have an error that does not allow me to do anything. I am using Windows 8.1 and Net Framwork 4.6 ... Good Work all
  7. nightcervant

    [SKIN] Avengers Theme

    thanks a lot, I'm already working on version 2 : P
  8. nightcervant

    [SKIN] Avengers Theme

    Thank you so much, I apologize for my error
  9. nightcervant

    [SKIN] Avengers Theme

    Thanks a lot
  10. Hi all I am pleased to present my first theme for Aurora V5. To begin with I would like to thank the developers of Aurora for the splendid work, Then I would like to thank DRNEFARIOUS, which with its skin Colors gave me the idea for my skin. I want to introduce my work, Avengers Theme v1. Here are the changes: 1. Changed FONT: Comic sans 2. Changed Wallpaper 3. Changed boot image SCREENSHOT: Avengers v1 0.5b.xzp NB. Being my first theme hope you like, if you find bugs please write and I'll see to solve
  11. nightcervant

    Aurora 0.5b by Phoenix

    Good release, in the next release , you can implement the management of the fans ?