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  1. Hi guys, I used a PC with windows 10 and i have an external harddrive that i use to play games from. I had no problems putting things onto the harddrive on my computer and then using them on the xbox. I haven't used it for a few months. Today went to transfer somethings onto the harddrive, and it wont show up. I plugged it into the xbox and everything is working fine. USB ports on the PC are fine and the drive shows up in disk management on the PC but doesnt give me any options. Anybody any idea whats happened or how I can fix it? many thanks
  2. I live in China, so I'm worried that if I take it to the place that can fix it, they will just replace something inside with old parts, in the hope that I will need to see them again when it breaks. Pretty untrustworthy, so that's my last resort. Is there any other way I can update it without doing any soldering? Thanks again
  3. hmm well I guess my xbox is dead then thanks for the help anyway
  4. Yes its 48. Are there any tutorials around to help with that? Thanks
  5. Ok, so I got my nand and got the updflash.bin using the latest XeBuild and following the tutorial. As i cant load up my dashboard and can only load xell I put the updflash.bin on an empty usb stick and tried to update through xell. It recognised that the usb was mounted but nothing else happened. Then I tried rawflash v4 putting the xenon.elf file in the root with the updflash.bin and started that up. All it loads to though is a black screen. Any ideas what else i can do? Thanks again
  6. sorry what I meant was how do i get to the screen that has the raw dump option. I have a cable attached from my xbox to my laptop now
  7. No didn't have a cable. sorry i think i must have missed a step I thought I was supposed to type that ip address in my browser to connect and download the raw flash from xell. If I can't connect to my xbox and use Simple 360 NAND Flasher, how do i get the raw dump from xell? when I have the xell screen on my xbox, at the very bottom of the screen its flicking through some different things, saying TFTP: packet send error. TFTP: no answer from server. Thanks again, I appreciate the help
  8. i tried to get the nand throough xell but when i type the ip address nothing happens. is next to network config on xell and my browsers cant find any address when i type it in. any ideas?
  9. thanks for the reply. My xbox wont load to the dashboard, nothing comes on the screen, but if i try xell, that still loads up. do i dump my nand through xell? i only ask as it says on your tutorial not recommended to dump nand using xell. (i know it says on your troubleshoot section on your guide but just checking ) thanks
  10. Hi guys, any idea what went wrong? also xbox wont turn on now, which tutorial do i need to follow to fix it? Cheers guys
  11. Hey man, I also live in China and had the same problem. Just download a fresh FSD, Go to skins in the new downloaded copy and put the default skin onto a USB. Start up your chinese FSD, go to file manager and drop the skin from the USB into the skin folder in your chinese FSD directory (if its the same as mine was it was in apps) maybe you will need to rename the skin file, but then you can just change the skin to the english one by selecting the new skin in the skin tab. I thinks thats correct anyway!
  12. Hi, I tried using createisogood, but i get an "Unhandled exception as occurred" error --- Problem solved --- My anti virus was blocking it
  13. cozmo72

    Tom Clancy's EndWar

    Just crashes after 3 seconds. Ok thanks any idea why it doesn't work as an extracted .iso?
  14. Hey there, Anyone any idea how to get EndWar working as extracted .iso on RGH? Thanks
  15. Thanks a lot Swizzy. Might sound like a stupid question, but how do I contact an admin
  16. yea so my account works fine. i can log into xboxunity.net and i can also connect on the xbox no problem. The second account wont work though. cant log into xboxunity.net. i changed the password, the username is correct but wont let me log in.
  17. Hi guys. I registered an account a while back, and that works great, i can log in with no issues. Last month i made an account for my brother and everything seemed to work, but when i try to log in using the second account it says failed to log in. I reset the password just incase that was the issue but it still wont log in. Any ideas wats wrong?
  18. @ RobGee789 - did you try "livestrong = false" mine wouldn't download properly until I did that. @Anonymous - thanks for the reply, I already use the web browser, but what I mean is if there was a tab on the xbox, maybe system link or something, so we wouldn't need to use our computers to check who is using link.
  19. Hi, i was just wondering if it would ever be possible to have a link real time user list somewhere in aurora. Just think it would be really convenient to turn on your xbox and see how many people are playing what games, and see which ones are worth playing online at that time. cheers guys
  20. Hey, since people were giving their ideas, i thought it would be cool that instead of using up and down on the D pad or analogue stick to scroll left or right, is it possible to use that to scroll through categories? For example XBLA games/ emulators/homebrew (maybe you could use the scripts to activate deactivate unwanted categories) so for example i press left and right and it scrolls through my xbox360 games, then press up on the d pad or anaologue stick maybe XBLA list drops down from above(or below) or homebrew drops down after that and left and right then lets me scroll through that category of games. Just thought it would be a good way to keep the dashboard looking clean and uncluttered but making it easy to switch between the categories of games you want to use. Maybe there is already a way to do this though! Anyway Aurora 0.3b is looking really good! thanks alot
  21. Hi Guys, sorry if this has already been covered but i couldnt find anything about it. when im using the file manager, the only files that are recognised seem to be the user folders. it says something like (for example) E9675757[Dean]. but all the games Title IDs dont have any game name extention. do i need to download something extra? Thanks guys
  22. cozmo72

    Weather and FSD 3

    Thanks for the reply Swizzy, which database do I enter it into? I tried the unity website and it wont let me edit the API.
  23. Yea, it would be cool if you could turn on your xbox, see who is playing what game, and then decide from there what you wanted to play.
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