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  1. Hi everyone, this guide for UNITY setup is really helpful, but is there another guide where it shows how to setup Unity with Freestyle Dash 3? I dont have Aurora Dash yet. Thanks!
  2. Hi everyone, is this guide still up to date? I noticed that there's a new dashboard "Aurora" but my FS3 is still working perfectly, when I install new games "game covers" are still downloaded so I dont see any reason to update yet to a diff dashboard. But when I tried opening LiNK I cant seem to see the Link Options in the Xbox Button menu (this is while still in the FS3 Dashboard). Last time I played online via LiNK is back in 2013. Were there any updates I missed / have to do? The guide was made in 2012 and I'm not sure if it has been updated since. Thanks in advance
  3. Thanks Swizzy. So it means, everytime a new NAND is loaded to the XBOX, the Kinect/Avatar updates are removed as well?
  4. Awesome! Thanks Swizzy! Actually I havent tried running the game yet, I just saw a post in X360iso that they had to update to 16767 to play the game. Question though, I already installed the Kinect/Avatars update for Kernel 16767. Will this cause issues if I revert my KERNEL back to 16747? I'm just weary because in the guide for Kinect Avatars update, they explicitly mentioned to "ensure" we will be loading the same Update ($systemupdate Files) for the specific Kernel that we have. Using the wrong $systemupdate files for another Kernel version will brick our console. So I'm wondering if it will cause bricking when done "the other way around", install a Lower version kernel when a Higher Version of Kinect/Avatars Update is already in my Xbox. Thanks!
  5. Thanks Swizzy! I think the new game I'm trying to play requires Kernel 16767... would you know if there's a work around so that I can play the 16767 required game when I roll back to 16747? Thank you again!
  6. Hello Experts, I recently updated my RGH (Trinity) Xbox360 to Kernel "2.0.16767" (I used XeBUILD and this youtube guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7v9d7jaGi4Q) After the Kernel Update, I also applied the KINECT AVATAR UPDATE for 16767 to my XBOX so I can use Kinect again. (I followed this guide: http://www.xbox360iso.com/showpost.php?p=5251367&postcount=5) I am using Freestyle Dash v3 dashboard, but after I updated my kernel to 6767... my XBOX now opens to the NXE Dash by default (official microsoft homescreen). I cannot open my Freestyle Dash anymore.I dont have XEXmenu inside My Games of NXE Dash (I dont know how to install one) So now I can't explore the contents of my RGH XBOX. Previously I was only using the File Explorer that came in with Freestyle Dash to copy files to my XBOX HDD.I also tried manually making a "launch.ini" file (see my launch.ini file below). I put the USB to my XBOX and then I turn it ON. But I still keep ending up in the official Microsoft NXE dashboard......... Not sure if this information helps: But When I turn ON my xbox using EJECT button, I am still getting the XELL RELOADED screen, is there a way I can open Freestyle Dash via XELL Reloaded? I dont know what to do... ............ Please help... Thank you in advance.
  7. awesome thanks man! Try http://portforward.com/ see if your router model is there
  8. Thanks JPizzle, but is there a way to copy all the screenshots via USB? I took quite a lot of screenshots and opening them one by one and saving via Web UI will take a lot of time. May I know where the Directory the screenshots are stored? I'm playing Metal Gear Rising, its game ID is 4B4E080A. or is there a way of extracting all screenshots via WebUI in one go? Like a Save All Screenshots to Local Drive command? Im using the webUI that is accessed via "http://<MyXboxIPadd>:9999" this is the latest WebUI right? I can see the screenshots after I loaded my game and refreshing the WebUI, but there's no option to download all the screenshots. Also there's no Delete Command. Thanks again for your patience in answering everyone's inquiries!
  9. oooooooooo-kay... so I have been taking screenshots of my game for 5 days now... after i finished the game, I decided to look for the screenshots.. whenever I press START+BACK inside the game, i always get a prompt "Screenshot Successful"... its just now that I tried looking where the shots are saved at.. but I cant find the screenshots... the screenshot folder contains pictures of those I've taken last month, using the screenshot command via Web Interface.. "http://<xboxIP>:9999/" Since there's already an IN-GAME command for the screenshots, I believe you dont need to open the WEB Server anymore... I "am" getting a confirmation that the screenshot was Successful after all. So where are my screenshots now? are we still required to open the "Web Server page" even when taking in-game screenshots using the "START+BACK" command? please tell me there's a different folder where the screenshots are saved.... all those 5 days of taking screenshots... dont tell me those shots were not saved because I was not running the Web Interface in my PC?
  10. Awesome, thanks Jpizzle for another brilliant update! Great job kudos to the team! FSD just keeps getting better and better!
  11. Guys remember the Resident Evil 6 Bug from the previous FS3 version? (you can't see each other via LINK in Resident Evil 6 multiplayer mode) Is this bug already fixed in this release? Can we now play RE6 via LINK? also how do I make the "Weather" work again? mine is still Blank.. I checked the Weather Settings and it now haves an APIKEY input field... what is the World Weather ApiKey:?
  12. caocei2001 showed up this afternoon, but instead of finishing it, he broke the weather.
  13. is there a target date for the next FS3 update to come out? looking forward to the fix for the Resient Evil 6 Co-Op error thanks!
  14. awesome! I was looking forward to this feature, glad it will be fixed in the next update! me and my friend still havent played the game and it will be great to finish it via Co-op! wonderful work guys! you should be paid for making our XBOX a lot more fun to play! I'll try to Donate by the way Merry Christmas!
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