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  1. What about the dlc's..... Wanted 2 download a lot of em....???
  2. Is unlocking gumballs possible offline..??? Also what is locked in weapon kit screen... ?? Also which camos are unlocked in multiplayer..
  3. Find ur media ID in Aurora Dash and download the Tittle update from xboxunity.net
  4. I am about 2 get bo3... Next week maybe..?? I want to ask that in zombies.. are all gumballs unlocked from start in local and can use weapon kits offline on xbox 360...??
  5. Ok...I get it but how do I find out that what version is of the dlc and what version is of the game??
  6. but, comp packs are also regarded as dlc.... and dlc are same for any version of the game.... Am I right..??
  7. Thx a lot guys.... Found out the problem... it was compatibility pack 4 that was causing the error.... Fixed the game and now playing.... Again thx a lot SUPRASHAKE and SWIZZY.... btw guys... the comp. pack was not showing up as corrupt in the memory... as Swizzy told... I found by checking out which was the last tittle update that the game was working fine with.... after that I downloaded everything after that.....
  8. Ok.... I checked the dlc's and all other stuff and it turns out they are fine.... So what now.... I have a backup of COD aw on my pc should I retransfer it??
  9. I am on the latest dash 17150 or something.... the tu is fine.... can u suggest a method to find out that which of the dlc is corrupt??
  10. I knew dat frm d day they delayed the release....!! Hope that bops3 does not get cancelled...
  11. Can't it be any of the comp. pack i corrupt?? I don't think my god is messed up....
  12. Hey guys, I wanted 2 sort out a problem..... I have cod advanced warfare and it isn't working from.... like 2 or 3 months.... I had no interest in playing the multiplayer( only that portion does not work).... I only play exo zombies... but I recently saw a content trainer on xyz , it made me wanting to play the game again.... The problem is when I go into multiplayer or Exo survival... after 4 or 5 sec a message pops up" the disk is unreadable".. I have all compatiblity packs till 6 and all main 3 dlc (except recokning)... Can anyone help me sort this out... also I don't have DZ+AA pack so don't tell me 2 delete it. Can anyone tell me a way to check if any file is corrupt? Any help is appreciated
  13. With me the case is that.... Whenever I download using wi fi, the TU's work and downloading using laptop usually causes a lot of errors of me...
  14. You cannot run the console until you open up your xbox and flash your older working nand.... I did the same thing 2 years ago.... Nd with my corona 4G
  15. I now have another copy of the game... And the Dlc's too..... but still the same error.... WHAT IZ THAT..???? Can anyone tell me what factors can affect the game as it works fine on TU 9 and after that the error... I have the game in GOD version should I convert it 2 xex and then try... Will that help??
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