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  1. i have tp-link8816 router and access point tl-wa701nd it works sometimes but it also crashes and gives me (unable to join game session)while i play black ops2 but when i change ports and return them again to 3071 3072 it works again sorry for bad english
  2. i think the main problem is in link ports and i also has the same (unable to join the game session problem) so i tried to change the ports but in the verification they fail but i tried to join a game it gives me the same message then i returned the ports again to 3071-3072 after that i could join game easily but its just a temporary solution cause the message returned again so i made the same steps again and it works sorry for my bad english and anyone has a solution plz write it down
  3. hi plz help when i download and install any title update for any game it wont start and gives me this message (try redownloading it) plz help
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