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  1. ko12upted thank you for the great info, if you could please help out with some things. I downloaded both the Default.xex and the TU6 with the correct Media and Title ID. Replaced both Default files in my BO2 games folder. Deleted all my old TU downloads, deleted cache files, and manually placed TU6 in the CONTENT/000000000/415608C3/000B0000. Ran the game once exited and opened up "Managed Title Updates" activated TU6 loaded the game fine and sure enough TU6 is running via system link. Now my issue is, when I load up the FSD Dash through the html browser via IP Address, the Title and Media ID still don't match..... Also when I'm in system link and I try to join some games work and some don't. Any feedback would be appreciated, Thanks.
  2. Link has never worked for me but once...I get fatal crash errors every time.
  3. My retail side is what I updated,,,,Therefore I cannot downgrade. I already know I can downgrade my glitch nand but in order for Demon to work both nands have to have the same Kernel...So I am F#@$Ed.
  4. Well I cant downgrade since I upgraded my retail nand to 16202 ...facepalm Hopefully Dashlaunch 3.05 is in the works.
  5. What if i have the latest kernel 16202 installed...therefore I cannot run dashlaunch..do we absolutely need devlink and pingpatch enabled? Because i get the same message when i try to join a server... A
  6. Does it matter that I cant install Dashlaunch since im on the latest kernel 16202? There is no way for me to enable ping patch and devlink...Since I dont have Dashlaunch. I pass every test, I can even see some servers...But when I try to join it starts loading then says "Unable to join session"??? Any suggestions?? thanks
  7. Here is another question? Does it matter that I dont have dashlaunch installed? I cant run it since im on the latest kernel...16202 I can connect to link fine but no servers will show no matter what TU I activate?
  8. If anyone could help with this question? I pass everything..but when im in game I either cant see anyone on the list or when a server does appear a message pop up saying "unable to join session"???
  9. That's fine, but Dashlaunch 3.04 will not work with the new dashboard until 3.05 comes out. So it dosent really matter.
  10. New 16202 kernel won't work with 3.04...have to wait until 3.05 comes out ...probably day or 2
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