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  1. .:SPAM:.

    XUITT 2.1.6

    ok i'll try, do you know why the new xur files in pluginshudscene directory cannot be opened with xui tool?? I wanna translate the Hud but it fails to open those xurs I'm on last SDK 21119
  2. .:SPAM:.

    XUITT 2.1.6

    ok i've tested this version 2.1.5 with rev 735 and translates all the previously string of rev 4xx in exception of the string Humidity that remains in english (in rev 4xx was tranlated well so maybe in rev 735 is moved elsewhere), all remaining strings are translated correctly. Obviously the new strings added in rev 735 aren't tranlated but are only a few popup messages, i'll try to search and replace them manually with an editor. Thumbs up 4 Kayser
  3. .:SPAM:.

    XUITT 2.1.6

    i'll test version 2.1.5 with new rev 7xx tomorrow
  4. 3.2.0 based on rev 483, mandatory update
  5. .:SPAM:.

    XUITT 2.1.6

    tested 2.1.3 with new default.xex (rev 483) and works well, not tested plugin.
  6. .:SPAM:.

    XUITT 2.1.6

    Thanks, so i've tested 2.1.2Works well with 64bit system (win 8 included), requires access 2010 32bit. All strings are correctly replaced except for string 186 that remains for an half in english and only the last part is replaced. "This will remove all content in the path from database. Are you sure you w" in eglish, till the end is replaced with the translation. There is the same string in 187 so it's repetead twice, maybe that's the problem. Works well with UTF 8 and X ANSII charset but doesn't work with UNICODE, if UNICODE is selected it freezes and doesn't go ahed. Now i'm replacing the à with a' and build in UTF8, because accented letters are only supported in UNICODE. Anyway thanks now is almost perfect
  7. .:SPAM:.

    XUITT 2.1.6

    the text isn't longer, i've translated it manually. I report you some of strings that remain in englishWind Speed Humidity Are you sure you want to delete (file manager) Are you sure you want to completly delete ..... (a game in library list) This will remove all content in the path.... (deleting path in content settings) i don't know if there are others, but those remain in english in rev 402. Instead in rev 58 all those strings are translated correctly.
  8. .:SPAM:.

    XUITT 2.1.6

    7 64 bit and vista 64 bit no. Needs 32 bit. In Win8 i don't know.Is normal that cannot translate most of the screens "are you sure you want to delete....",path (in content settings) a game (in Library) or a file (in file manager) in Xuitt are correctly tranlsated (all 220 voices) bust most of them remain in english after hacking xex, and deleting a saved path doesn't work in hacked xex, needs to replace the original english xex (rev 402), in rev 58 all those things work perfectly both translations and deleting path
  9. nothing, i'm sure there's a file that display the skin version related to the xzp name, if you use the default.xzp untouched and rename it display 0.0 rev0.. maybe skin.ver?? In hex mode doesn't display nothing only a caracter, wtf?? Maybe when edit with Xuitt software generate it automatically but using manually XUI Tool i don't know what to change
  10. Aggiunta Rev 3.0.1 Purtroppo non è una scritta è un immagine tuttuno con l'icona sopra altrimenti te l'avrei cambiata al volo, è cmq la cartella dove vanno anche gli homebrew, al massimo metto entrambe... lo annoto per la rev 3.0.2.
  11. great work, i've had a similar idea with sphere in a solar system like planets, like me you too have the RB button disapperead in coverflow visual menu, i've replaced with an image in front
  12. no i've translated screen by screen opening all xur file with SDK, extracting default.xex with xzp tool, modding with SDK, Notepad ecc. and repacking with xzp tool again
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