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  1. I downloaded 3.10 after I updated my Dash kernel to 16547 now whenever I try to change a game path or change some of the options in dashlaunch the whole console freezes. I thought maybe I would have to wait for the next version of dashlaunch 3.11 however I see other people with 16547 having no trouble with dashlaunch 3.10 also XBLS says to use 3.10 with dash 16547. Anyone know what's up with my dashlaunch and how to fix it? Help would be much appreciated thanks.
  2. Hi Guys. Any reason why I can not create a Room on LiNK on JQE360? The create room option is not there. I want to host MW2 Zombies game modes such as AI Zombies Extreme and Hawkins Zombies on MW2. However I can not do it in a Public Room for its classed as a Modded Lobby which would get me banned. So how can I create a room to host this on? Thanks.
  3. Did that still no change. EDIT: Sorry you were right I had to go back on the website JQE360.com and sign in then re link it in FSD. Thanks for your help. Get good useful information on this website unlike the crap on thetechgame and se7ensins
  4. Ok I have got a problem where the System Link Button is still grayed out even when I am on a game. I have F3 plugin loaded and Link enabled also all the link settings pass. I am using the latest title update for the games I play and I launch them all from FSD. help would be much appreciated thanks. Never had any problems with Rev 302 and 483 plus I am on dash kernel 16203.
  5. I see C4eva is up to his old tricks again Great tool
  6. Any chance for a download for the FSD 3 Rev 483??? I try the auto updater and it gives me an error when extracting the update :/ and FSD 3 Installer looks like its working then when it finishes and I try to boot into FSD it says the game could not start. So when will a download for the PC be available so I can transfer it over to the Xbox that seems to be the only way I can get it to work thanks.
  7. Well it is only a Beta update iv found some new bugs since the update also
  8. LiNK is awesome But does anyone know why I get fatal crashes when using it with Black ops 2? It works great on any other game though I am on Dash Kernel 16202 with Dashlaunch v3.05
  9. Ok I was wrong I thought the Black Ops 2 Crashing problem was because people were on an old Dash Kernel version But I am on 16202 Latest Dash version and I have Dashlaunch v3.05 on my RGH and I am still getting Fatal Crash when ever I I try to join someones game on system Link using LiNK, XBSlink and Xlink Kai :/ I wish someone knew why this is happening to some people and not others.
  10. Yes you must be on 15574 or lower, If you want to fix the Black Ops 2 Crashing then u need to be on 16197 or 16202 with Dahlaunch V3.04 or 3.05
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