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  1. If you set your Xbox to "exposed host" every Fritzbox above 7140 will work flawlessly! I have several friends with Fritzbox routers and I have also tested the 7140, 7040, and 7330 by myself.
  2. Hi cowboy Same problem here, but its related to the connection speed. You can feel it, when you play zombies. The first 10 rounds are no problem, and then as higher the round gets, the console have to exchangemore and more data ... then it will lag and maybe kick the connection. Also please dont forget that talking also uses much bandwith!! And if youre host with a small connection, dont talk
  3. Change the ports for LINK! You are using the same port for two consoles
  4. Hi All, i have found a Bug in the Freestyle Plugin. I dont think this is very important, but maybe others are getting also frustrated of damaged controllers like me :-P If you set your Screenshot Trigger settings to: Start + LB youre not able to press the Left Bumper all the time. Lets say you put Accelerate on LB in a Racing game. Then you want get speed, its not possible because the Freestyle plugin blocks the left bumper to a single signal. You will acelerate only in the time you release the button and you can not accelerate permanently. This is really no big deal, just deactive the screenshot and youre good to go. But i thought my controllers arent wokring anymore EDIT: Tried with Default and USerskin
  5. Hi, i am still intrested, plz add me that we can meet on Link It would be great if someone wants to do the Buried easteregg with me. Skype: peter_nervICQ: 282465187Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/peter.egal1
  6. Hi an Alle, also ich wär auch gern dabei! Ich spiele alles, wirklich alles. Meine Favoriten sind: Halo Reach, Halo 4, Black ops 1 Zombie, aber auch des neue BO2, kommt man ja nicht drumrum Link: Beedhaa1 Account: Dichtel Grüße aus würzburg!
  7. Hi Freestyle Team, I want to say Thank you. It is really amazing what you have built over the last years. It is amazing how fast the community has grown, and we all know this is also because of a fantastic software, the Freestyle. Thanks for your time you have spent to put this code together, and thank you for all the time i had with it! See you on Link! Edit: Hey Guys, i have read you are searching for a way to donate via paypal? Just go to the Main page and have a look on the right side of the Page: A Donate button in Yellow. Click it and you're able to send money with Paypal
  8. @ campara http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/646-menu-multiplayer-caps/
  9. I had the same problem. Just delete the DLC and TU, then download the DLC and TU another time, and use the "remove device" funktion from WINDOWS!!
  10. Hi all, i had problems with the Title updates from Black ops 2, sometimes it got loaded and another time not. I dont know what is causing these problems, but a new clean install helped But also i think you are able to put the TU by yourself in the cache folder, and the problem is solved
  11. It would be great when someone of the developement team would give replly Or maybe they are all very very rich and dont need it? Joke
  12. Hi all, i just want to know if its possible to donate to the awesome creators of F3? Maybe via Paypal or sth else ... Its so amazing, JTAGS are back online with LINK! Great Job! Please tell us if this is possible
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