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  1. thanks. I won't come here and complain about it because it won't happen.... I don't do anything wrong besides play normally so why would my rep hit zero? obviously he's doing something unnecessary for so many people to be shutting him down... So it should stand stand that when that many people give u Neg rep, you shouldn't be able to play... Sent from my SPH-D710 using Xparent Blue Tapatalk 2
  2. Sorry, but actually no it isn't off topic....sadly That's exactly the issue here. If you weren't upset about your tainted "reputation", this wouldn't be an issue...let alone an issue stating that this is a" huge problem with the reputation system" just get over it and by the way... I doubt you'd be getting so many of these negatives on your name unless you were doing something unscrupulous.... Sent from my SPH-D710 using Xparent Blue Tapatalk 2
  3. IM sorry but this whole thing is ridiculous...it sounds like your just having a hissy fit because someone doesn't like playing with you. So now the hissy fit continues because a number next to your name dictates your online life.....who carez? It doesn't matter!!!!! you need xbox live....you'd fit in perfectly there with all the babies... sorry to Bitch, but that's pretty much the deal buddy :o Sent from my SPH-D710 using Xparent Blue Tapatalk 2
  4. Anytime....to bad it's obvious that no one else read the whole thing as people are still messing up Sent from my SPH-D710 using Xparent Blue Tapatalk 2
  5. Nice....way to handle pretty much every issue everyones been complaining about haha Sent from my SPH-D710 using Xparent Blue Tapatalk 2
  6. Question, if IM using a different title update than people housing, can I still see there game? Or I can't even see it? btw to answer your question: on a computer: go to (insert xbox IP address) port 9999. i.e. with game running OR link.jqe360.com to make a custom room.... Read the thread fsd posted about link setup... All of the information is there Sent from my Xparent baller gII using Blue Tapatalk
  7. You don't need to copy the game to the h's... Just fields the title updates from jqe marketplace and copy them to the cache folder on your he's via ftp... It will activate when you put the game in the drive as long as you have the t.u. In that folder
  8. Have an odd issue...can someone try to help? I have NO ISSUES with port forwarding/passing the checks screen normally but.. IM trying to set up DMZ for my xbox as it works better for gameplay.. Here's my issue with Dmz: When I set my xbox IP as dmz on my router, when the router resets, the xbox IP is different.. Everytime I change it back to the xbox's ip, it bounces again from .100 to ...it's like cat ND mouse. If I try to do static(manual) IP from xbox, everything fails, all port forwarding settings: including connection to internet... Any thoughts? fyi I can only choose one IP for.dmz mode
  9. Or email me @ cXXXXXXXXXXXX... I will chat that way for now as it's linked to my phone... I just want to get done good games going.... Since black oops is a FAIL for this so far.. Lol
  10. Anyone want to play HALO 4?( since it's the only.game that works flawlessly on here!!!!) I'll be on at 3 on Eastern Time till about 5 or so. COME JOIN!!! My tag is chronbox. Like I said halo 4 works flawlessly.. So everyone come play!!! Or msg me and set something up. The more the better!!
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