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  1. Yes that's the problem that an error is absent ,simply by creatures of the room is spinning circle and the farther I get into the lobby and not in my room and the room is not in the list. In testing errors in the ports but it was initially I just gray IP address. The screenshots do not work because you will not see all the problems only video can do. Guys well what can be delou friends at all strange going on in the room lobby come and the server can not find and the games are also not vidnosyvsya for all the advice and time spent.
  2. Yes checked everything configured properly. Here and headache what happened with the link. If you tell me where and what to look for to check I would be grateful for help.
  3. Help with solving problems with the LINK. Not created room in the lobby. What could be the problem . Thanks in advance for your reply and help. Sorry for my English
  4. Good day guys tell me and plan to add this game in the http://xboxunity.net/ Diablo III: Reaper of Souls. Ultimate Evil Edition Sorry for my English
  5. Good vecherskaya do you plan to add a possibility of correspondence and friends list. Sorry for my English
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