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  1. LOL that's a point right there hahahaha or problably he needs a little whiping but i'll get in trouble with dad.
  2. hey guys i got 2 xbox rgh with fsd 3 on them and i got one in my little brother's room and in about 6 months this is the second time he deleted all the GAMES folder in the external hardrive wich is not a really big problem cuz i have another 2 TB hdd where i have them stored as .iso format and the problem is that is really anoying got and extract all games again and i was wondering if someone could make me a skin that comes with no settings and file manager just games section so when i turn it up i will pop up straight to games, i tried to use xexmenu as default app in my dashlaunch cuz it pops up straight into games but he was messing arround and he know how to get to move files and stuff too,, i ll appreciate it guy if someone could do that THANKS
  3. sometimes guys what i do after i joined in link and then i go back to game and join in game u have to wait sometimes about 20 seconds and matches appear
  4. if u loaded a non suported plugin in ur dashlaunch it will freeze at starting u need to take ur HDD where u have ur launc.ini plug it to pc and delete launch.ini plug it back in console go to xexmenu find dashlauch 3.08 lauch it and set it up again dont eneble any plugins only xbdm until they fix that bug
  5. man something wrong with this link because already did 3 different free registration with a gmail yahoo and a hot mail and with all of them it always said we have send u a email confirmation but i go to my email accounts and there is nothing any help or anybody that does not need an account?
  6. just plug the internet cable straight in the ethernet cavity behind your xbox and u will have no port fowarding to worry about
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