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  1. Can you ship to California? And I will pay 160 tags all I got
  2. Anyone have any controllers I can buy. Looking I buy for 10 to 15 dollars.
  3. Rocky Cusmano


    Anyone got a elgato I can buy?
  4. That's how much they cost on modchipcentral.com make a better offer and I'll buy
  5. https://m.flickr.com/#/photos/125230697@N02/14606722145/
  6. Check out pics on my Instagram Xe Stone. Taking offers
  7. I am selling a gold modded controller with intesafire. 4 mode programmable with all cod and ghost compatibility.
  8. Cool man will buy on Friday when I get paid. Or if I get some money from kvs sooner
  9. Tegu have not. That is why I am trying to find one without 5k. I have a stone dgs and postfix v2
  10. Cool. But what if I gave that person my account info too because i have every other game on there. They could share with me too. If not, do u have a copy for xbox 360 rgh. If so, where could I find it.
  11. Becausee cause I wanted a challange. Btw just seeing if anyone had a xbox e so It wold be cheaper. I would also prefer it without winkapbond. Makes it just a little Easier
  12. Cool. I am getting paid in wed. So I will buy then. My aim is. Xe Stone and Skype live:rockycusmano
  13. I'll buy the retal xenon needing work 50
  14. I am looking for retail so I can rgh
  15. Maybe let other people post. If there is nothing else I'll buy
  16. Can anyone license transfer watchdogs with me. I would really like to try out the game
  17. Anyone got a retal xbox I can buy
  18. I was wondering if anyone had a non rgh retail xbox e for sale. Make any offer. I would like controller, and cables included.
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