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  1. My guess is that its used instead of transmitting username + password every time, I think linking process sends user+pass and gets back API key which is used for everything "user related".
  2. Its functional now, I've managed to link my account and now I'm downloading TU version 18 for CoD Black Ops 2
  3. I have tested DMZ right now, same problem, failed to connect to server ... :S I did everything I could come up, I even thought DNS was cached so I tried Google DNS, tried wired network, also wireless network, but nothing works ...
  4. Well, were you able to play before the site switched to XboxUnity ?
  5. Yes, but I didn't forward any ports except to one needed for LINK, and Test shows they are good. Can you tell me all the ports I should forward and try again ?
  6. Same here :S I tried everything ... Changed my password to 12345 - not working, then registered new account - not working, always getting "Failed to connect to server, check your username and password". I'm afraid you broke something by moving the site to new location I would just like to point out that yesterday everything worked normally, bad things started happening when you switched to new site.
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