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  1. i've tried that but still the same (access my account in unity+router is found+also every thing else pass)== grey system link in black ops 2 & i tried ghost i try to solve that by remove the fsd3 & re install it again but still the same & trying to access link from Aurora , also every thing passing but still grey link in the games it was working before .... sad to lose that any idea ??? or maybe i'll try to create a new account in Unity and see the result .... maybe the same result .. i don't know anyway , thanks in advance
  2. there is a problem in aurora to access link this few days any one know how to access that from aurora ? or may be it will be repaired shortly & already link not work in FS3 any idea ..... thanx in advance
  3. hi dudes is there any program to run the multiplayer modes in jtag ? until solving the issue with jqe360 if there is another way plz share it thank you
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