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  1. Thank you Sir! And thanks everyone for the quick response! I did exactly step by step, and now it is working again, I owe you a beer! To anyone in trouble, this is the solution.
  2. Im completely lost. So, I had to format my 1 TB maxell, external hdd for other things, now that its done, i formatted it back to Fat32, copied only 1 file from my pc: a gta 5 dlc when i plug it in, aurora notificates me that a new hard drive has been plugged in, and after a refresh and going to the file manager the files wont appear correctly. For example: On pc: there is only 1 file on the freshly formatted Hdd: the dlc - 35EA63388DFB83AD82C29955A8CD62CCC5708E3854 like it should be But then in the aurora file manager there are multiple files like: mpotent.val Date: 2002-09-13 ale_free.mod Date: 2034-03-04 1.1 GB 23'3 ho.le' Date: 2016-09-28 160 mb and many other files like this. I know it is hard to explain and I hope that someone can help me out in this situation. The hard drive is fully functional on pc. The xbox recognizes it. But the files on it looks weird. I have tried configuring in the default xbox menu, then of coure my pc wont see it, so then i formatted it to fat, and copied a dlc file to it, and it just wont work. Any help would be appreciated, thanks a lot!
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