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  1. i'm tryng to upload to the database but doesn't work
  2. rami808

    System link freeze

    like i said in another post for me disabling rrs worked
  3. i'm trying to upload cod waw tu 7 for italian language without success but never appear no filevar
  4. thank you at this time i don't think some software-house release a new TU for 360 game so i think there is no difference to activate it in the future i hope they fixed upload for unity website soon
  5. yeah suck too much no way ,with rss feed disable i still have reboot....it's always work fine (i think 2 years) untill these days, i don't understan edit : thanks now it seem to work ,do you know why i must desable rss? i''d always played with rss active
  6. on xpg they deleted my uploads ,,, i don't understand why last week i able to upload a tu for diablo 3 ros on unity ( i was lucky) ports are ok in my modem why i have a consolle reboot when i access to system link?
  7. rami808

    System link freeze

    when i try to access in system link my consolle reboot...anyone with this problem? i never had this kind of issue Threads from rami808, seeker, rangeld, Guest bixente66, mehdi1897 & others consolidated ! Dr.Gonzo
  8. i uploaded some on XPG but i'd like to have some "little" in unity database to have access from consolle some big files are region free so they are in XPG ps. how i can port forward to host?
  9. thanks ..so i hope they fixed the problem with big files too,,, for example rise of tomb raider or far cry 4 tu that is impossible to upload
  10. hi why i can't see my upload in the database? i upload the tu for 3 time but i continue to see only tu 1 ,,i'm uploading tu3 thanks