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  1. Sopor

    Bad string on Aurora 0.6b

    When you add a name to the HDD in your Xbox 360 it will add a file called "name.txt" and if you open that file you should see the name of your hdd. I do have one USB drive connected and that drive have no "name.txt". I will do some testing some day
  2. Sopor

    Bad string on Aurora 0.6b

    I believe english is build in the Aurora and don't have any localization file and the Swedish is not included in the 0.7 release. I'm the Swedish translator and have it uploaded here but it has nothing to do with the translations if i understand this correct?
  3. Sopor

    Bad string on Aurora 0.6b

    I'm running 0.7b and i get this `-=#BAD STRING#=-` when i have exit a game or restart Aurora. First i was thinking of a translation error (i have to blame myself) but it doesen't matter if i'm running English or Swedish, i get the same bad string.
  4. Sopor

    Swedish Translations

    Swedish translation for Aurora 0.7b. Better late than never 🙂 SV-SE.xzp