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  1. help someone, i'm having same problem here... ((( Any ideas?
  2. I i have everything new, like (FSD, Dashlaunch 3.05, pingpatch on, devlink off, game BL2 has 23.0-1 version TU), but i cant find host, i joined to the room where is abous 30players and there is empty, my friend tell me, that in this room is 5 host, but i dont see any, sometimes if i look for a long time i found one, what is the problem guys? my setup: xbox - laptop, bridged laptop - phone tethering, becouse i'm in uk and dont have any chance to order broadband internet. Off course ports fails, but i was played XBSlink very good, no lan. Do I can do something to play? becouse I know one guy who's playing like me, through phone internet Sorry for my english, i hope you understand. Please help
  3. i have a belkin router may i need to use it?
  4. Hi everyone, i have a problem i cant find any host, sometimes i found only one host, it works perfect, but sometimes, i can join any lobby ok, but i cant find host, everything is ok with xbox, i have dashlaunh 3.05 , today i update fsd to newest, devlink off, pingpatch on, whats wrong with my xbox? im using phone tethering option, by laptop-xbox bridge, title updates download fine, and so, but ports is fail, cant find upnp router, becouse i didint use any router, what i can do ?
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