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  1. xbmc4xbox forum had what you were looking for. the guy who makes the hexen disc, also on emuxtras.com there are people who have all you need.. Yes, and they still create custom bioses. For example forced 480p bios. i'm still waiting for a bios that will autopatch xbe's for a 1400mhz trusty so games will not go warpspeed. I won't be holding my breath for that one tho..... Will PM you what i have.
  2. Thank you for spending your absolutely free time and sharing it with us. Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-G903F met Tapatalk
  3. I don't want to hijack this thread or anything but as we are on the subject. Does anyone know if using SSD on xbox360 affects performance much?? If at all on aurora loading times? Games are optimized for dvd's and the bus may be a limiting factor. But loading of tons of covers and titles from a database???? And secondly. What is the maximum size of xtaf filesystem? Are we able to use 3-4-5tb hdd's? There is nowhere i can find this information when using google. Only the maximum for fat32 is named time and again which is 2.2 tb or something alike.
  4. chriss179

    Hdd problem

    Powered USB 2.0 port. 4 ports cost 10-20 bucks or so
  5. chriss179

    Hdd problem

    Solution is buying a powered USB hub. That may interfere with xell however as xell doesn't seem to like it when hdd's are on a hub. (Or at least back in the days xell hated my hub.) But that will give the hdd's the juice they need and relieve USB ports.
  6. chriss179

    Hdd problem

    No power needed means it draws its current from the usb port increasig my suspicion. Like i said try them one after the other and on ports on both sides of the Xbox as 2 ports that are next tot eachother may very well share eachothers controller and hence its power circuit. Windows would tell you that a device is drawing too much current. The Xbox won't tell you nothing. Just try only 1 HDD and see if it works then try the other. If both work separately you know it is overdrawing current.
  7. chriss179

    Hdd problem

    I'd probarbly be looking at current draw. meaning: Do you use a usb hub to connect 2 hdd's to 1 usb port, a powered hub? what about using different ports? Does the trinity have front usb ports? using 1 front and 1 back port? If hdd's don't receive enough current to spin then obviously they aren't gonna work. I'd have a look into that. see if hdd's work seperately. Then together. And so on and so forth.
  8. Thanks for this new release. So far its running great. I love the facr that screenshots are now deleted on a refresh of game info. They used to pile up....
  9. OK. Can I keep settings.db? i hate it when i enter a directory for scanning and i forgot to set the marketplace location before and it starts to autoscan, to have to enter the passwords, the folders, etc.. Just scan and go to bed. next morning all is finished.... Anyways.... settings.db? I'll let my xboxes scan all throughout the night then.
  10. Actually i tried disabling the TU and it makes no difference enabled or disabled. It deletes the tu from cache. It knows it belongs there but it deletes it instead of copying it there. It says it righr there in TU manager: \xbox360\system\hdd1\cache It knows where it belongs. I can make screenshots and even a video if you need absolute proof. But i hope you take me on my word. I wonder if this could have anything to do with it. I deleted.the database.db and game data directories and scanned everything anew. So some title updates may remain from a previous installation of aurora. Which then should be overwritten with new versions upon downloading and scanning tu's. So I never deleted the title updates nor any other directory before starting a fresh database.of games.
  11. I have it enabled. I'm sorry that you do not believe me. It's enabled and somehow that is why it deletes the tu when its there and it does not copy when its not Also its not copied to content/titleid Is this only that one game? I have no clue. Bit yes when manually putting the TU in cache it works as long as i dont use aurora to start or aurora will delete the TU.
  12. I don't know if this bug has ever been mentioned before but i would wish it to be fixed in the 0.5 release. I absolutely love aurora but this bug is so annoying it drives me crazy. So i play oblivion... The title update i play with is the latest. TU3. that one will not upload to the xboxunity server. But that same title update will also not install correctly when launching oblivion. Oh, it will just not copy into the hdd1\cache directory. And if i put it there manually, aurora deletes it before launch. So i have to put it there manually and launch oblivion via recent in the mini blade menu or aurora will delete the TU rather then copying it there. IT seems to me the world upside down... Yes, aurora detects the title update when scanning title updates. Yes, it's there alright. Yes, i activated it. Yes it says installing title update when launching but then there is no title update when in game. TU=0! And it's not in the cache. So i upload it, return to aurora, restart and aurora deletes it again... Hence i cannot start my game with aurora. If i do it will remove the title update. If i however remove the title update from aurora's database, aurora will NOT remove it from cache directy, so i can start with aurora... But seriously. If this upside down world would be turned upside down. It would function perfect! So whatever causes this.... PLease fix in aurora 0.5 Anyways, thanks everybody involved in aurora! i love your work! Oh yeah... When looking for need for speed carbon updates (title_id =454107EC) , aurora crashes. When this last happened to me it was a server side issue. I recon this time it must be too..
  13. I receive no such message. It only shows a green done button which i press and then everything seems ok.... but isn't.
  14. Hi, i'm trying to upload an update to xboxunity.net. In fact it's TU 3 to oblivion. Just 4mb big. It will upload and say done, but then doesn't show up anywhere. I've attached the file here, rarred ofcourse, can anyone let me know why uploading this TU won't work? TU_11561UH_0000014000000.rar
  15. So nothing really shocking. Just for those who want to download hundreds of god games and xbla from xbox live. Isn't microsoft being optimistic.
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