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  1. I have a a ihas 424 with iextreme maxburner, can i use this? do i need it?
  2. i have a softmodded wii with some accessories. all cords. it can or cant come with a 5oo gb usb drive empty or not.. the 360 rgh phat is just the console. it works perfect. drive is flashed lt 3.0. the drive sticks sometimes but so does mine but i never use my drive anyway. it will open and work perfectly. Will accepts offers and give good deals maybe a trade if its good.. if you by chance have a problem i will return your money. you wont i was playing both tuesday flawlessly. i have quite a few acc for the wii just ask. they are both in the closet due to the facti have another phat and slim. and a total of 3 wiis. i have a mod gamecube and a slim and phat ps3 running cfw 3.55 and 4.30 and a chipped ps2 and xbox 1. but im afraid my friends they are not for sale. LMAO ! ask any questions you need to. I do have another rgh phat with lt 3.0 flashed dvd drive and all cords, has hd have to check what size.. also im waiting for my new rgh slim console to come in it will be just the console so i can selll the mints slim i have after but there will be no cords, no hard drive, controller, its is not rgh or jtag but the drive id flashed 3.0. i have used it twice. i have the headset for it. cash or paypal accepted no money orders or checks. will be shipped day its payed for quick shipping and tracking number sent.take care. fitz sorry just read rules. im in new orleans. can ship usa only. can discuss arrangements. as for price hell i done know 100.00 for each i guess. was gonna post pics but gotta figure how now will try now! oh if bought for 100.00 i can not pay shipping cost.
  3. spf42

    xexmenu 1.2

    trying to get xexmenu 1.2 to show up in quickplay or games but it will not. doesnt seem to want to copy over to content.
  4. spf42


    I have been trying for two days to install fsd 3, i select update,install,install dash launch and cofigure, remove previous install. starts to get updates then stays at o.oo kbps . tried installing version 3 without update. then started it said updates available starts the stays at 0.00 kbps. i left it on all night and nothing. tried hard wired and wireless nothing. connection is fine im on it now. kinda frustrated.
  5. Hey Guys this is got me baffled. Ihave been extrating 360 games using xbox creator for years from isos. Tried to do it today. the images are you know like 7,8 plus gb. Well istart extract and it finishes at like 360 mb. not the game. whats going on. I tried to burn it then and it came out 386 mb. i tried several isos and all the same. this has never happened. i tried image browser, xbc and exactiso. none work anymore. can someone help please.
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