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  1. Here's mine: I pretty much mixed multiple ideas into one banner.
  2. I believe this is wrong. 000B0000 - Title Updates 00000002 - Extra Content So content/0000000000000000/<TITLEID>/00000002 would be where you place the DLC for the game, not Title Updates. Also, here's a list of what kind of content should be in each folder: 00020000 - Gamerpics00030000 - Themes00080000 or 000D0000 - Demos00090000 - Videos00004000 - Game Installs00000002 - Extra Content00007000 - Games On Demand000B0000 - Title Updates
  3. Can this be launched using FSD? Or do you have to use Xell?
  4. So.. I understand it is possible to just copy my F3 folder to a USB, use GaDaBaMa and then copy the new files back to the Xbox, right? It sounds way easier than setting up multiple F3 installations for SAMBA.
  5. Hey, I just downloaded GaDaBaMa and I'm not sure how to set it up. It says I need to disable SAMBA somewhere and enable it somewhere else, I don't really understand where... Also, it says something about a samba app, what is that? I have used GaDaBaMa before (a long time ago though, way before F3) and there was nothing about a Samba App...
  6. I already figured it out.. I said before that I did so and it fixed the (first) problem. But thanks anyway.
  7. I already read your thread, and I pretty much knew anything in it already the only thing I didn't know was the "skip join skip join" method of yours, though it did not work. btw, I fixed my first problem - it was probably because I installed the SDK/Xbox Neighborhood. so I just removed the xbdm.xex from the dashlaunch settings and uninstalled it completely and now I can join rooms. as for the second problem - it still happens. luckily not with all rooms so it's fine. and when it does happen I just press X to refresh and join another room.
  8. Hello. I've installed the F3 beta update a few days ago and it worked fine. Though I'm having problems recently, whenever I enter a room it doesn't add me to the player list. Here's a screenshot of what I mean: (I'm connected to the room yet no players are listed, not even me) I told my friend to go into the same room and he said that he doesn't see me on the list. I also can't find any games on BO2 even though I know my friend created a game and is using the same title update as me. Also, sometimes when I join a room on LiNK, all the rooms disappear and it doesn't connect to the room, screenshot:
  9. Hey. I've installed LiNK on my RGH and on my friend's RGH and it worked perfectly fine on both RGHs. We even managed to play Black Ops 2 together using system link. But for some reason, we can no longer find any system link matches. I tried creating my own match and told my friend to join and he says it doesn't find any rooms. same thing happens if he makes a match, I cant find any matches. Why is it happening suddenly?
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