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  1. IsoFolder = USB0:\Roms\PlayStation if it doesnt work its because aurora rom feacture update remove that feature, it will be re-add on next build if thats the case
  2. yes, that feature was already implemented you can change it on pcsx.ini it will load the last path of the game you choose previously, but i think with the addition of aurora support that feature went missing, im gonna have a look and test it out, but you can try to add it manually by adding to the config file IsoFolder = game:\psxroms
  3. hi there how r you ? the framelimiite combo on the fly will be in next release with fixes and some other stuff no atm release date yet cause ive been full of work this summer, cmkn_1983 can you send me p.m with the fixed code off the compressed images compatibility in order for me to merge into my version ? thanks mate
  4. i dont think so, thats psp thing
  5. Sorry for the late response i've been busy with work latelly. You can get covers from here: https://psxdatacenter.com/pal_list.html Just name the file like isogamename and save it on covers folder, format is jpg
  6. by the way are you running PCSXR360 2.1.1a or 2.1.1b ?
  7. I'll test it out once i can with the new Aurora version, im waiting for my new jtag to arrive, it should come around next week
  8. hi how are you? you've tryied from internal hdd or external?
  9. Did you setup gameprofile for those games? wich settings did you use?
  10. Minecraft TU 62 out, enjoy https://mega.nz/#!Rjp03JhA!2-QrBl5lEJ2u5qTvqfvPAtli8o0BhdY3CM7OVRRhLYk pass: remmigiosh@modnetwork.net
  11. you have to install visual studio 1st, and than xdk otherwise it wont fully install
  12. Hi guys how are you going? i was thinking for a while.. if you guys are planning to add achievment unlocker on later releases? since some games achievements required xbox live gameplay to unlock, it would be nice if we could unlock them those specific ones since jtag/rgh cant access live. i know i can unlock all of them on pc at once, but if you're a game completionist you'll only want to unlock those after you unlock the default offline ones. Thanks for all hard work have a great day
  13. Hi heres PcsxR360 2.1.1B Beta for you guys to test: https://mega.nz/#!n5AxWIgC!0Cs8_0Os1knNatkpx5zbZl6yDZI_X9tTqe7IJycKCAA Change log: -- Add crash team racing fix into menu profile options -- Add .cue files option into gamelist -- Autoboot feature now looks for psx.bin, psx.img, psx.iso, psx.mdf default one is [psx.iso] -- Fixed emulator logo wasnt showing lol wrong path xD didnt notice -- Add game filter by text \_> todo: uppercase and lowercase search, its case sensitive for now -- UI minor fixs -- Re-Add back button to go back into the correct cover view and add feacture of going back to 1st index in the list -- Use B button to cancel game filter/ game profile menu -- Fixed bug swap between cover modes with right items count showing all games now -- Fixed bug in game filter mode, now it resizes the list correctly, You can get covers from here: https://psxdatacenter.com/pal_list.html
  14. ill give a look once i've got time, im full of work atm, im getting day off work on friday
  15. Hi there, just copy your memorycard files from 2.0.9 and paste on the latest version on memory card folder
  16. Thanks for the video, i've got the game already ill see what i can do about it
  17. maybe later i dont know.. we'll see..
  18. Can you post a picture please? so that i can try to replicate and check the issue Thanks
  19. ill give a look at it later its on the todo list atm for next release along with other stuff
  20. Good night have you updated your xbox 360 into the latest dashboard and latest dash launch? wich one are you using atm? also you can try the latest version of pcsxr360 2.1.1a
  21. Yeah the credits on top its just a place hold for now, there will be credits button later, im also going to bring back a main menu with new options and stuff from an earlier build of mine that was descarted a while back so yeah , i might change .cue settings into the global settings menu later since i dont use it much either. Also Game filter is now working by writing bits of game name, it filters the game's list hehe
  22. TU 61 is out, enjoy guys https://www.mediafire.com/folder/jdarbzf276m2c/Mncft_61
  23. Hi guys how's things going? just wanted to post this maybe an update will come soon. Also the autoboot feature now looks for psx.iso , psx.img, psx.bin and psx.mdf files
  24. Works fine with me too, actually im whatching right now on my x360 slim rgh just check if you have tu enabled and multimedia update on your xbox360
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