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  1. His unit does work wired directly, I guess I'll just have to get my hard hat out and dig in to apple's wireless documentation. I'm not familiar with it either.
  2. thanks tankman37, that link was the only one on point that I found previously on google but it didn't help with our situation.
  3. Hi, I'm trying to help my buddy set up wifi on his brand new rgh'd xbox. I have my own jtag that I use with an ethernet cable but I couldn't figure out how to get his slim rgh and his apple airport router to communicate. Is this possible? Any suggestions or links will be appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Sigh. Thanks for the honesty. Oh well, I'll guess I'll just keep it for a backup rgh like you suggested.
  5. Thanks JPizzle for the reply. The drives are similar. The original is Philips/Lite-On the replacement is Philips/Benq. I have a separate jtag unit that of course doesn't go online. There's just one game I'd like to be able to play on XBL (and support the developer [Pinball Arcade]) without having to pay $199 for a new unit.
  6. Hi, I have a jasper unit that hasn't been online since November 2009. The dash is 8955. The drive is flashed but it's not the original drive that came with the machine. The last game I played on it was a backed up Bayonetta. I'm wondering what my chances of a ban are. I have no hard drive for it at the moment, I'd have to get one. I'd like to use this unit solely for legit xbla games. Thanks. the flag/ban check gives: w: 0000-000B X: 0000-F001 Y: 20A8-48E0 Z: 8015-1007 ID: FFFF-FFFF
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