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  1. Did you name the folders Disc 1 or disk 1? Not sure if it matters but i name mine Disc and it works for me.
  2. Not sure how to do that but i just noticed that i can create a room on my phone Doesnt work on my home network,coul be that thing you said irishdave.
  3. Still cant create a room,anyone know whats wrong?
  4. Doesnt matter what i name it,i get that every time
  5. I get the same thing. Anyone know whats wrong?
  6. Hi When i try to create a private room i get Error:Form elements must not have name or id of "submit". Not sure what it means,what am i doing wrong?
  7. How do i create a private room? When i click Create Room in the webui it gives me a blank screen.
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