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  1. first start was when i istalled Aurora, it works. then shut down console, second start it went to f3(somehow launch.ini did´nt load aurora). I mean that launch.ini´s primary path was aurora, but when i turn off console, it went back to f3. should i copy everything on my hdd to my usb hdd? does my condole read everything properly from usb hdd? i have played some games from there. Thanks alot in advance!
  2. Hi all! My xbox have 250gb hdd full of games, only 7gb left. What is the way you suggest me to do so i can easily install aurora? I tried just copying aurora folder to hdd1, and then from edit dashlaunch to boot automatically to aurora. It loaded at first time, but second start it went to f3. I dont want to remove f3 if something goes wrong. Hope you understood. And thanks alot!!
  3. perttu86

    HDD Clone

    I would suggest ftp connection, if you have lan connection
  4. One external hdd what i use is Buffalo hdpetu2 500gb. It takes it´s power from usb, and works perfectly. It´s 2,5" and noiseless, only humming.
  5. Everything should be ok, dashlaunch, link settings etc... but it counts 1,2,3,4 and then somekind a problem with host. any advise
  6. I just got link working (everything passed). Have i done everything right, or why it wont join room. There are 2rooms, and both of them are not working. everything is updated. Thanks in advance!
  7. I have same issue. 1 question. If i delete database, what i lose? Do i have to download every artwork again? Thanks!
  8. No, only weather uses network. But i dont think it´s the problem.EDIT:Now it works... I removed connectX.xex from fsdplugins -folder.Thanks JPizzle for helping. This was very annoying problem.
  9. Already done.f3 crashes without lan cable.I think that it could be something with artwork.
  10. Like i mentioned on title, my freestyle crash when i go to games list. But when i plug internet cable to xbox, it works like a charm. I dont know when this problem occured, today i wondered why it crash, and my wife said she unplugged the cable. Help please... This aint problem for me, but if i want to go to my friend who doesnt have an internet connection, we cannot play any games Hope this thread helps other xboxers too
  11. May this be software hack? No soldering?
  12. I think it´s best too. Thumbs up AIOROS!
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