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  1. Hey guys, I'm brainstorming a project. I think I'd like to invest my "time" in. So here is the thing... I love FSD what the team has done with LiNK! I think it's incredible that we have a work around for us RGH users. Now I've tried searching all over the web for any groups working on some sort of project that entails the RGH unit being able to connect to a private server for..... Let's say Street Fight X Tekken and so far i've gotten no info in that. Most likely it doesn't exist. Does anyone know what would something like that take in order to make it possible? Programs, Equipment, $$$, what ever? I need some intelligent answers, cause this is something I'm seriously looking into. Is it even possible to redirect the connection of an RGH Xbox360 to an alternative source to play a non-system link game online? Thanks for the feed back.
  2. http://lookpic.com/O/i2/1975/7qbM7nHG.png Thank you
  3. tp://lookpic.com/O/i2/1975/7qbM7nHG.png These are my temps for my Xbox360 Slim: CPU: 50.3 GPU: 45.7 MEM: 40.7 CASE: 30.3 after leaving it on over night running Halo 3 intro loop. I added new thermal paste and run the fan @ 85%. These temp should be normal right?
  4. Thank you ReaL Mod Scene and Team FSD for all your hard work in making this very convenient for us gamers... To show my appreciation please send me a direct link to donate what I can @ dario.ponce@yahoo.com hope you take PayPal. You guys are awesome and I encourage anyone else that uses this service to also donate (if you can) cause these guys can't do it all on their own you know. They need support from all of us, so that we may keep on enjoying the luxury of giving the middle finger to M$ for charging stupid amounts of money for online play and dlc to be able to play online. Hahaha!
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