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  1. but i think is is a big problem, why should they update or rewrite the whole trainer just for aurora? especially those for the old games i enjoy but maybe noone else
  2. i think it would be awesome if you could enhance the trainer launch a little more. like, any .xex in gamepath/Trainers/ , which is titled xxxxx.loader.xex will get displayed in the menu. without .loader of course Then it would also be possible to load trainers which come with 2 or more .xex edit: or if the detection, .loader.xex like i mentioned could be chosen in the aurora settings
  3. I've got a few questions: 1. I can either start the game or switch to trainer. if i have a trainer for this game, what do i have to name it so that i can launch it in aurora? 2. Somehow i cant download covers. when i click "download assets" nothing happens. am i doing it wrong? it's always saying idle. i have unity configured, the API key is there oh and btw theres a bug in the german translation. on the TU download screen i guess the string is supposed to be "TU X ($Size)", where $size has accidentaly been translated too so it does not show the size value there. you just see e. g. "TU 16 ($Größe)
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