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  1. late but thank you very much . thank you team for all the hard work and all the post/questions and all the time you have spent on this.
  2. looks like ill have to try out the 3.0 xebuild as it seems all the 2.099 wont download update/avatar for me. thanX for all the advice.
  3. Is there a reason why it wouldnt download the update or the avatar data. I get a md5 mismatch and bad gateway
  4. sorry same message, it is a rar package correct? anyways the link i posted it works somewhat, i get a download error md5 doesnt match then hangs on download @Swizzy still no luck. that's weird. using Firefox. and tried edge. let me try my mobile device, i guess.
  5. link is damaged or unknown... for a working link... @Dr.Gonzo says 100% as you can see the 4th time. found a working link from the link i provided. is there a difference?
  6. i keep getting archive is either unknown or damaged.. wont let me open rar file from link above
  7. sorry to bother but is this the latest release, havent turned box on for a while and now i have a update that is needed, yes i am one of those that have dual nand and one hdd.side note i have tried to set up external as rgh/jtag and internal hdd stock but cant seem to find a good tutorial or advice on the subject. any suggestions?
  8. so xmas was good this year. as of right now, my xbone, ps4, ps3 all have upgraded hdd's. all thats left is my jtag corona (coolrunner/demon)that needs to be upgraded. what i am liking to do is use a 500 gig ss.bin to upgrade the hdd . so the internal would be a legitimate xbox. then when i hit the demon button the external would be used for jtag. i want to do this for my xbox live gold and when i use device explorer it takes like 5 minutes to load hdd and usb stick. figure this would make it quicker and easier as i just remove the external (jtag) and add what i want. now my question is how do i transfer my stuff from internal hdd to the new external for jtag? looking for a way on the pc. would horizon work or is there a better alternative. maybe ftp? thanX in advance
  9. Nice.so if im running a dual nand, i can run "stock" internal, flip my switch and run rgh on external? Want it nice and clean, plan on getting a year of gold for the family. And i have kids &friends over all the time playing. So to be legit i have to clone it via ass.bin correct. And also want to say thanx. Seems as if your always around the corner. Lol
  10. bump. Lol Is it true i can upgrade to a 2tb and still have my dlc and avatar items? Confused a bit. Use nxe to format hdd. It will show all available memory or only 320 gigs? Got a 320 gig filled and need to ugrade. I was under impression i had to do it the ss.bin way. Would this any riskier on live? I know people say to have 2 hdds for that but i havent had a problem(owned it for 2 years now) How would i transfer it back since hdd is encrupted right?
  11. updated to dash 17349 last night, but now when i start up the xbox it goes to NXE dash, i have edited the dashlaunch.ini to fsd and aurora.exe but when cold booting it goes to NXE. the ini seems as if it doesnt save, guessing i didnt include dashlaunch? figure i would ask before botching something up. thanx in advance ...
  12. just curious. I did it before a while ago with no problems. trying today and when using yaris profile matches. but when I use horizon to put on usb profile is all zeros.there is no association with my profile is this nornal? sorted. I jumped the gun at the end. no horizon required. (though I did use horizon before ) great tutorial by the way. works flawlessy. no I can share my items with the family and kids on my console. not just me .
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