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  1. is there a way to see the TU without using the FSD default skin? i am using metro skin and i dont want to switch it.
  2. i can't use TU's downloader it's always getting stuck and i can't see any TU to download. please fix this.
  3. Can someone please bring me a detailed guide how to install this update? thenx to the helpers.
  4. call of duty black ops 2 work with this dashlaunch? thenx for the helpers.
  5. I just download the file and there is two rar. files in there which one i need to install? file one name is:Freestyle40482.rar file two name is:FreestyleRev483.rar thenx for the helpers.
  6. I dont have the previously freestyle dash link beta installed. can i install this update without it? thenx for the helpers.
  7. Everything worked as it should but then it started getting stuck on the games and when I tried to re-install it would not let me install. any suggestions? please help...
  8. can someone help me to set up my ports? i'm using tplink router. i need to know how to set up data port and brodcast port. thenx for the helpers.
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