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  1. It's quite strange as so many skin experts but none is able to do 'XBOX' style of skin.. whether it's XBOX ONE or NXE. But this 'Dash RT' skin is the most closed to it (the nicest IMO). So I've no option but to change all of the tab colours to green myself to have more 'XBOX FEELINGS'... not like some other crap console. Currently I'm working on my own 'XBOX ONE' skin based on 'Dash RT' skin.. so far so good but don't worry Doc, I will only use it for myself.
  2. Guys, how do I replace a wallpaper?. As currently I'm using 'The Dream Theme v2.5' skin and I really like it. But I planned to put my own wallpaper. Last time I did my FSD won't load (blank screen), then I have to send my console back to the shop to delete the skin as I'm using 250GB internal. Thank you in advance.
  3. First of all.. thank you for this such beautiful skin, you've done a great job!!!. However, I had serious problem with the skin where my FSD3 won't load anymore after using it. It goes blank screen after XBOX 360 boot. I've read some of earlier posts regarding the solution but none have solved my problem. I could not delete the skin as I wasn't be able to boot to FSD. I've transferred xexmenu to usb (by follow the guide from the other page) but the original dashboard won't let me to install it. I don't have internet connection so I couldn't use ftp method. Please help me... really frustrated as I just have bought this console like 3 days ago. Thanks in advance.
  4. FBOX

    Cover Art & Date/Time

    Hi JPizzle thanks for the reply. GaDaBaMa required MS Office 2013 to run which I don't have. Thank you anyway.
  5. FBOX

    Cover Art & Date/Time

    I've been looking all over the internet & forums... but looks like there is no solution on HOW TO ADDING COVER ARTS manually till now. I think it was not too difficult, maybe just get the covers from the internet, resize,rename to game ID and convert it to .dds format and transfer em' to the appropriate folder. Quite funny because there are many experts here, but none have been able to solve this simple problem. A bit frustrated when the console must rely on the internet connection to do the MOD.
  6. FBOX

    Cover Art & Date/Time

    Thanks Swizzy for the reply. Sorry I just bought this console like 2 days ago so... kind of noob here. How to access the original dashboard from FSD?. Is it possible to run the 'copy' game from the original dashboard?. As for the manual covers... I'm a web designer but I'm not sure how I can use web interface to install cover arts. I thought we can just download the cover from the internet and copy em' into certain folder in HDD?
  7. Hi everyone, newbie here. Really appreciate if anyone can guide me to install 'games cover arts' manually. I'm a poor guy.. can't effort internet line at home but could download the cover from office. Another thing is why my FSD3 date/time shows year 2005 and there's no option to change it?. Thank you in advance.
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