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  1. You wrong.Before of this version of dashlaunch on corona 4GB was impossibile install it and autoboot In trinity 4Gb always was possible and it work
  2. Maybe you had installed it on 4Gb trinity. In corona is not allowed with autoboot. IntMu is not a valid path without a new dashlaunch (i think)
  3. Nobody had reply at an important question. Is possible autoboot on corona 4 GB?? Or maybe we should wait next dashlaunch?
  4. F3Installer not "see" IntMu like a path. it see only hdd or USB. InternalMu of corona 4GB is ""see" like OnboardMu and it's allowed to modify in ftp with port 21. Also modify launch.ini with path intMu/Freestyle/default.xex it not start in auto on xbox 360's boot I think that dashlaunch not have patch for boot it on corona 4Gb.
  5. I reapeat my last question; is possibile install FS3 on corona 4Gb in OnboardMu and start it on boot? Or we should wait dashlaunch patch for do it?
  6. Thanks for hard and love work and congratulation. Only a question; what's the device name for launch.ini in corona 4GB? I've try IntFlash, IntMu, Mu, OnboardMu, FlashMu but it not start in automatic mode
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