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  1. Thank you! great job ... Now updated a 2-minute (Пожертвование Done)
  2. Be so kind as! explain as to create the room on LINK?
  3. Thanks you was rigth ! Now with your launch.ini Avatar editor work fine.
  4. Sindyrello

    XUITT 2.1.6

    Thanks againe Keyser !
  5. Sindyrello

    XUITT 2.1.6

    Fixed translation and sended in PM! Thanks.
  6. Sindyrello

    XUITT 2.1.6

    Ок thanks!We will translate the file of subtitles .srt !
  7. Sindyrello

    XUITT 2.1.6

    Yep! руÑÑкий = russian Our Cyrillics Exactly for this purpose we translated three together, comparing grammar and accuracy of translation!
  8. Sindyrello

    XUITT 2.1.6

    Hi againe! Keyser i sended in PM link for our Russian translation GUI file .xlsx Thanks!
  9. Sindyrello

    XUITT 2.1.6

    Thanks! downloaded we start to translate.
  10. Sindyrello

    XUITT 2.1.6

    I have no access to file editing! Sent inquiry!
  11. Sindyrello

    XUITT 2.1.6

    Thanks Keyser! Bro we need xls or xlsx for add Russiun language gui translator!
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