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  1. Works great, guys, I expect to donate in a while, you really desrve it.
  2. My next console will be ANOTHER xbox360, thanks to these kind of apps. I'm xtremely fan of yours, guys.
  3. It is strange, I play with (I suposse) North-Americans better than with Europeans, even being is Spain, It really works even with my awfull 230kbs line. Really thanks, but, please, do not cheat, it is not stupid, is worse than that, it is boring. Spanish room NOW¡¡¡ Zee you, campers God (of war) bless ypu, FSD team.
  4. Well, After fgihting for a while with TU 4 of that gamie, COD II, fighting with avatars (just a little) and fighting with another minur issues I can say: It is a bit easier to find rooms. The rooms have stability problems though. The hole system is a little buggier (more fatal crashes, but above all, more lost connections). Playable though, even from a little village from Spain with 230 kbs per second of downloading. FSD team REALLY lisen to the people, and some reported bugs have been completely fixed, but as LINK is growing in complexity, now I think is not time for adding , but for stability. I really hope there is not much dispersation (too many rooms, very few players in each one) in the future. Finally, thanks so much, you have made me buy a micro for playing, and of course, there is a donation for the LINK proyect (in course, but as real as I formerly did to Deank's proyect. REALLY THANKS.
  5. Other issue, I live in spain, put the postal code, no info weather appears, Any idea (it worked in fsd2) ???
  6. Had that problem: delete TU 4, restart console, Delete cache, restart console, re-download tu 4, activate tu 4, restart console. Log -in, go to cod4, make sure TU 4 is activated, load game. Good luck
  7. be careful with firewalls and p2p progs. or download managers¡¡¡
  8. think got a bug: Go settings Go plugin settings One right Two down Result: Dash mixes up some menus Other: file manager often does not transfer And copies thinghs that are not checked Bad English, sorry, I'm Spanish. Thanks for your work.
  9. Good job, I would only add "update the game title" (TU) and make sure you're running the most common version of the game (free region, for example) You may take a look of the game list for making sure your game has system link. Thanks for your post¡¡¡¡
  10. I F** LOVE YOU GUYS, shut up and take my bullets, plaing from Spain, I´m Ikefix GOD SAVE REALMODESCENE, RUNNING smoothly¡¡¡ with only 200 kbs of downloading¡¡¡ be careful u have to re-login every time you restart f3 yesterday i have some probs with the firewall, I have a livebox router, and all the firewalls off, so did with the AVG (do not be bad with my security, please) Im ikefix IN COD blackie II
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