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  1. I've been unable to get my system to set up windows encoder properly (looks like the software was developed for xp). Can someone do me a solid and encode this video to work as a fakeanim? Attached and linked below, thanks https://app.box.com/s/ghj514eayfgkxsp1whjw49cpq2v2vq2a vaderIntro2.mov
  2. Did you try holding down RB on boot to access your normal dash? Sometimes I have to tap RB repeatedly to get in... from there hopefully you have the retail version of xexmenu(or a working FSD) available. Re-load 775 and you should be ok. Does FTP access work when you hear your account load? For the future, It's a good idea to set an alternative boot option when installing dash launch (hold b = usb:default.xex for example)
  3. Oh man Doc, this is HEAVY! Easily my favorite skin for FSD! Any chance of adding a few coverflow layout options?
  4. Wow, super bummer to hear about the team disbanding. FSD is a huge benefit to the scene and is really something to be proud of. Thank you all for your hard work, hopefully we see you guys pop up in other places around the scene!
  5. That did it, I guess I will avoid the random feature in the future. Thanks!
  6. As mentioned everything still functions fine. The error started while customizing the skin. I pushed the RS in to randomize a few times now everything is gone.
  7. Everything still functions fine, but the panels on the FSD menu I no longer have the background image, icons, titles, etc. This is the case for all panels except the home panels (DVD, Avatar, 360, xbla, etc etc). The home panels all display perfectly. Has this happened to anyone else?
  8. Nitrous360

    PCSXR game list

    Crash Team Racing is working 100% here. Castlevania Chronicles 100%Castlevania - Symphony 100% - make sure dynarec is off
  9. More new awesome features??? Thanks Team FSD!!!
  10. I would like to learn how to make a skin but really have no idea where to start with the skinning tool. Would it be possible for someone who knows WTF they're doing to create an overview video? Something that explains the interface and maybe walks through a few common steps? It seems like there is a lot of interest from us noobs
  11. I had this issue, deleting and re-downloading my all my TUs fixed it for me.
  12. Had a couple of issues last night. After hosting a game on black ops 2 I would return to a black screen with a white number (release version?) in the upper right. No graphics, no miniblades. This forced a shutdown and auto reboot of my system (crash I assume? I had to shut down manually) System crash upon trying to join a room with 31 of 32 available spots, too many people? I was also unable to see a single game. I tried multiple rooms, tried changing my title updates, refreshed for 10 mins straight, nothing. I was able to create a game and allow people to join, just can't see other games. With the games I've seen i've never seen more than 6-8 people even though there are 32 in the room. Is there a way to kick idlers from the room to keep the rooms as active as possible? This has been AMAZING! Thank you all for your hard work!
  13. Just want to say THANK YOU for all the hard work. I was able to get online a play a few matches of Bl Ops 2. So much fun, I wish I had more time to play!!
  14. I recently changed from a DDWRT to this Airlink access point / bridge. It works great for me and has been very reliable: http://www.meritline.com/showproduct.aspx?ProductID=44148&SEName=alink101-ap671w-wireless-n-multi-function-access-5-port-switch
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