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  1. me too i only adding maps and i don't know why when i press to play screen is black like 4-5 second after reboot and return to FSD
  2. first disc convert to god format second disk is DLC in your image is folder content you must copy only this folder to xbox, use Xbox Image Browser to extract files
  3. what is password and user name for WebUi ? P.S i found both is f3http
  4. baddogns

    Xbox dead?

    what's version your xbox ? slim
  5. baddogns

    Xbox dead?

    maybe problem is with dashboard because fsd hacking xbox guide menu for link try update your rgh to 16197 i used this dashboard and dashlaunch 3.04 work's fine with any problem
  6. baddogns

    Xbox dead?

    more details please version dashboard and dashlaunch
  7. baddogns

    Xbox dead?

    first question when freeze on boot logo try press xbox guide on pad do you see menu or not ? what version dashlaunch you have ?
  8. baddogns

    Xbox dead?

    when your xbox started default run fsd ?
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