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  1. So the CPU fan control, controlling the GPU fan speed and vice versa. Is that Just a bit of a stuff up with dash launcher ? An ill give Temperature threshold settings a go. Ill see if it works. And see if it adjusts the right one!?
  2. Fsd 3 fan control SUX!! Only changes fan speed of CPU on a PHAT console and NOT the GPU! Don't want to use Temperature threshold to set the smc_Config. Because of the problem I'm haveing. Because I don't know if the Problem I'm haveing with the CPU fan speed control, controlling the GPU fan speed in DASH LAUNCH. I don't know if it will do the same thing with seting the Temperature threshold settings, and set the temperatures for the wrong one (GPU/CPU). Will some one with a PHAT console see if they have the same problem as me (read the above post's from me) THAT'S ALL I NEED TO KNOW, PLEASE, THANKS. Anyone
  3. I checked the fan and temps to test Test with the GPU and CPU fan control. GPU fan to 100% in dashlaunch CPU temp gos down. GPU fan spin slow! CPU fan flat out ! Turn GPU fan speed down, turn CPU fan speed UP 100%. GPU temp goes down and CPU temp gos up. CPU fan slow ! GPU fan flat out! 100% GPU fan speed control, controls cpu fan. And CPU fan control, controls GPU. 100% I have tested an tested Now is it just me? Can some one els test?
  4. Ok please read my temps are ok ambient temp 25/30c (idle CPU 57c GPU 46c MEM 46c) I've added extra fans Changed Thermal paste. BUT THIS IS ABOUT DASH LUANCH . In system info of dash launch. The GPU fan control, controls the CPU fan. And the CPU fan control, controls the GPU fan! Can someone confirm this for me? Is it just me? If it is just me, what could be causing the problem? Is this a problem dash launch? Can I stop freaking out ?
  5. I have a fresh jtag xenon dash 16537. With xexmenu, fs3 r775 an dashlaunch 3.11. I have not touched the fan speed in fs3, only in dashlaunch ( not the temp Threshold ) just the CPU and GPU fan speed . But the GPU fan speed controls the CPU fan speed and the CPU the GPU fan speed . I've Formatted the hard drive And reflash the NAND again , and the same thing! And yes I googled the hell out of this found nothing ?!!? Could anyone help me out with this please? PS first jtag , first problem , first post. I'm Not a total noob I have pertty good idea of what I'm doing
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