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  1. i make update dashboard to 16203 and Reinstall FSD3 rev775 using fsdinstaller problem is LINK dose not work I make test link all Pass but when i started game the system link dont work
  2. Zacksat

    Halo 4 players

    hi LINK we need more players on Halo 4 to play war games not campaign like BlackOps 2 over 100 players i can't find anyone to play with me
  3. Zacksat

    Halo 4 link

    hi guys who wants to play with me HALO 4 war games need more players on rom
  4. I have problem with Black ops 2 LINK When i play online Sometimes the connection interrupted and is it possible to play online by LINK with games that not support SYSTEM LINK
  5. Zacksat

    Link & games

    i mean play online Like LINK
  6. Zacksat

    Link & games

    hi everyone Is there a way to play games that do not support system Link like Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 fifa 2013 Street fighter and many ...... thanks
  7. Maybe the jqe360.com was fail when i register I try register later again when the site open
  8. problem in UPNP & JQE360 UPNP Enabled Router not found Port 3073 TCP & UDP Pass Port 3075 TCP & UDP Pass Auth Zacksat : Fail can anyone fix it or show me tutriol
  9. yes iagree with you to make video tutriol Because it so hard i try hundred times and it says fail i enabled my UPNP router it says UPNP enabled not found & try a lot of ports says pass or fail & the JQE360 says fail Although I've logged but in JQE360 option say Succeesfully sometimes
  10. help upnp enabled router not found fail all i type my ports on router i dont have option UPNP Forwarding just option Enable OR Disable My router Linksys WAG200G i make new account on jqe360 but it fail when i test LINK
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