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  1. This is awesome, Thank you for all the hard work you guys have put into this, I love the direction this project is going in. Many, many thanks!!
  2. Try using a software program to format to fat32 instead of your pc, try something like EASEUS Partition Manager or failing that let your xbox format it. I hope this helps
  3. This is great !!! A big thank you to you guys for all your hard work
  4. try this Make sure you have pingpatch on. If the server you are trying to reach has over 30 ms you will time out. you can Configure that in dashlaunch.
  5. try reinstalling rogero/cobra and multiman, as it should ask to verify without tinkering with any settings, have you installed the latest version of webman also?
  6. have a look at the dashlaunch settings, especially the network setting i think the xhttp setting might be worth checking thats what my problem was last time, also try changing ports to 1981 and 1984
  7. 1:Pretty smooth 2:No, well it certainly didnt happen to me, always good to have a back up of your games just in case something goes wrong though 3:most xbox games. There is a compatibility list on line somewhere, i know panzer dragoon's a little problematic.Jet set radio plays really well 4:No, on unity i have game paths set for 360 and xbox 1, both show in the same location and they stay set
  8. copy the default.xex file which is located in the forza game folder, copy it to a usb and then open abgx360 gui on your pc and click the open file option, then select the default.xex file press launch and it will list it in the log file it produces
  9. The title update number is 15, the message you are getting is because you do not have compatibility packs 1 and 2 installed you need both of these in order to play on link
  10. The method I used that worked for me was 1: set up a new new email account 2: sign up with unity using new email account 3: follow email instructions sent to your email then you should be good to go also don't forget to check your spam folder you should see an email from "admin" this activates your account
  11. Try 1981-1984 for your ports, also have you ticked "UPNP" in the "PLUGIN" screen in the settings screen? alos recheck your dashlaunch settings especially network let me know how you go
  12. glad to be able to help you happy gaming!!!
  13. DO you have xex menu on your xbox? if so go into that and launch dashlaunch and resave launch ini, you may not have saved your launch ini which is why it launched into ms dash.
  14. Glad to hear it!!! did you hex nuketown ....AND 2025? try to hex those first, only those 2 should need a edit, let me know how you get on
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