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  1. Ok I just formatted the disk under a current rgh " not the one it's going into" to start the transfer. I'll test it in another rgh that I have soaking on a test bench and see what happens. To bad my daughter shut my server off last night while mirroring my setup drive now party buffalo is throwing errors left and right when reading the drive.
  2. Yeah just Tryed to format with the other SN in a current rgh DNS kicked back to entering again. I'll just wait and rush once chips get in. Funny how MCC charges $14 for 2 day delivery but it's really 9 days. Holiday this holiday that Bullish. Honestly I'm gonna look into writing a program that would let us format drives and be able to enter the SN of whatever console you're working on. I know for me the hardware side is a breeze its just the long long long wait on the software side that kills me. If I could have drives already to go before I even glitched I'm be pumped. Plug and play!
  3. I'm gonna try to format it on another Rgh but put in the SN of the one it's gonna go into and see what happens. I got 5 hdds mirroring my drive right now and hot damn it's so much better then doing the ftp ish. Ftp 10 to 11 Mbps, straight in a bay 85 to 120 Mbps.
  4. So I'll just have to wait till the CR4 comes in then do it. crazy I would have thought that Someone would have built a program for this already. Maybe I should think about programming one.
  5. Could I format it on another RGH'd 360 and just put in the proper seriel number to the 360 im waiting to glitch? Like I said main reason is im not getting the CR4 till the 9th and its a gift that I need done by the 12th. Moving 600+ GB in a hotswap bay in my server is crazy faster then ftp'ing the files but it's a pain to mount and in mount as my bays are tray less and hd's need to be screwed in. Doing another 360 right now and transfer rates are 120mb +.
  6. Is there a program that I can use to format an internal drive for a future RGH. I'm currently waiting for my CR4 to come in and would like to get a head start on the hard drive. I know you can format it in the Xbox after it's been rgh'do but I'd like to format it now on the pc and start transferring the 600+ GB's of data. Any help would be great.
  7. That's what I thought, I've been using fce360
  8. Can I load a .nes rom in snes360? I tried to change the rom to .smc like the snes and it doesn't show. I'll try the other suggestions when I get home in a few hours.
  9. Let me start out by saying FSD has been a dream, I've been using it for years and have always found it to be very pleasing. Recently I updated one of my RGH box's to rev775. I have two others on rev58. Friday night my son went to play Punch Out on the 775 box thru fce360 emu and the game loaded but the start button would not work even though all others did. I tested another rom and it button command worked fine. So I deleted the Rom and copied one that was working on the rev58 unit and placed it into the rev775 unit and the same thing happend. I removed the whole emulator directory and replaced it with the working directory from the rev58 unit and still nothing. It's only the one Rom and really it's the only rom we ever use on pizza night. Anyone have any thoughts or insight on what can be done?
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