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  1. He is pretty much asking to solve a problem he has, magically without prior knowledge of what could possibly could be causing it. @OP, Did you install anything prior to this happening? Did you try a fresh install of FSD? What do you think could be causing the problems you are having? Without telling us these things, we can't help you.
  2. You can also try to re-flash your nand as well. It could be due to you installing something that collides with your RGH.
  3. Never played a 3do but I'm gonna try it out now! Thanks for the post
  4. You don't have to be "signed into xbox live" to use any internet browser. We use Link through system link which uses the internet in order to connect us to other clients.@Op I'm sure this is possible, but porting it would probably be more trouble than necessary when you can just use an un-modified xbox or just your standard laptop/desktop
  5. Nice to see that Link is growing! Great post JQE
  6. Did you port forward those ports on your router settings?
  7. For all of those saying it crashed, whenever it asks to reset fsd, return to nxe, or update later; EVERY SINGLE TIME, don't press any button just manually press the power button on your xbox, wait for it to turn off all the way, and then turn it back on.
  8. Go to your router page, and port forward any two random ports such as 3078 and 5043. Then put 3078 in the broadcast and 5043 in the data. Make sure that you put the ip of your xbox in the port forward box.------ To find your router page, go to the command prompt and type in "cmd". Then next to default gateway it should be something like or something like that. Then you would go to your internet browser and type in into the adress bar. If it asks for a user and password put in User: admin ; Pass: admin Then look around and find your port range forward settings.
  9. I have all of my ports forwarded, open, and ready to go..but I forgot my JQE360 username and password. So when I went to register it seems to be down? Is there any other way to recover your password or register?
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