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  1. That happens because your skin is outdated.
  2. Good evening everyone, Today, I wanted to update my nand, and I did through nand flasher, did everything by the book, but after it, my xbox doesn't boot anymore, but xell does. I've tried with xeBuild, J-runner, with everything really, to try to update or reroll to a working nand, but there's no way on xbox booting normally. Could anyone aid me? Thankyou, Best regards.
  3. Greetings mate, me and my brother will be starting to play a lot of Gears of War Judgment. You guys 'r welcome to tag along. Cheers
  4. I once had a problem where a certain software installed on my pc would turn off the wifi, routerwise, and close all traffic communications, so I had to reset every X hours in order to get me online again. But clearly, your problem is not about Freestyle, is Router, ISP or some software that is messing it up.
  5. Thanks a lot for ruining a thread. On Gears of War 3 menu, press Back, then select System Link. Then you select the mode you want and you wait until there's a game you can join.
  6. Good evening. Before hand, I'm really enthused because freestyle link gave me the opportunity to play online one of my favourite games of all time. I'm curious, most of the time I only play "Hordes" on multiplayer co-op, I was wondering what modes you guys use to play. I haven't quite tested the campaign on co-op, am I missing it or it aint worth it? Cheers!
  7. Personally, don't quite like it. And for a sample, it would have more impact if it were animated, as a still image isn't very strong.
  8. Good evening, It could be interesting for a user to be able to rate a cover directly from FSD, where the rate would affect the one on covers.jqe360. And site related, having a Sticky thread on Suggestions could avoid the creation of a quite significant number of threads regarding it.
  9. Indeed, and quite enjoying. The see-how-it-goes part is gone, I'll be stepping up from here forward since I'm not quite pleased with the covers out there. Thanks for the support. Main thread updated.
  10. Have you tested with a different scan depth?
  11. Too much grey, it lacks harmony between the elements. Try a different wallpaper, (that isn't grey).
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